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Neck Swelling Differential Diagnosis

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1 Neck Swelling Differential Diagnosis
BY Dr. Mohamed Selima

2 Swellings of the Neck Classification
According to site - Those occurring in the midline - Those in the side of the neck According to chronicity - Acute swelling - Chronic swelling

3 Mid-line Swellings Ludwig Angina Enlarged submental lymph node
Sublingual dermoid Lipoma in submental region Thyroglossal cyst Subhyoid bursitis Extrinsic carcinoma of the larynx (late) Goitre (thyroid isthmus / pyramidal lobe) Enlarged lymph node Cystic hygroma (suprasternal space ) Retrosternal goitre Thymic swelling Dermiod cyst ( can occure anywhere in the midline )

4 Lateral swellings IN THE SUBMANDIBULAR TRIANGLE Enlarged lymph nodes
Submandibular salivary gland Deep or plunging ranula Extension of growth from the jaw IN THE CAROTID TRIANGLE Aneurysm of the carotid arteries Carotid body tumours Branchial cyst Bronchogenic carcinoma Goitre Sternmastoid tumour IN THE POSTERIOR TRIANGLE Supraclavicular lymph nodes Cervical rib / cystic hygroma / lipoma / pharyngial pouch Subclavian aneurysm / aberrant thyroid /

5 Ludwig angina Is a serious, potentially life-threatening cellulitis, or connective tissue infection, of the floor of the mouth, usually occurring in adults with concomitant dental infections and if left untreated, may obstruct the airways, necessitating tracheotomy. Dental infections account for approximately eighty percent of cases of Ludwig's angina It might dangerous complication: - oedema glottis - mediastinitis -fatal septicaemia

6 Ludwig angina

7 Branchial CYST Branchial cleft cysts are congenital epithelial cysts,
Arise on the lateral part of the neck from failure of obliteration of the second branchial cleft in embryonic development

8 CERVICAL RIB Is an extra rib which arises from the seventh cervical vertebra. located above the normal first rib. A cervical rib is present in only about 0.2% of population;

9 LIPOMA Slowly growing tumour encapsulated or diffuse.
Soft and slippery

10 Thyroglossal cyst

11 Cystic Hygroma Lymphangioma arising under the deep fascia and extending deeply between the muscles. It is translucent



14 Carotid body tumour chemodectoma or ‘potato’ tumour

15 Sternomastoid tumour Is not a tumour
It is the result of birth injury to the sternomastoid muscle, causing thormbosis and subsequent fibrosis. It gives rise to a circumscribed firm mass within muscle,

16 Aneurysm of the carotid and subclavian A
Pulsatile palpable mass in supraclavicular fossa.

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