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Manner of Articulation

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1 Manner of Articulation
LIN 3201

2 4 Parameters for Describing Sounds
Airstream Mechanism How/From where air is initiated, direction of airflow State of the Glottis Vocal fold state - wide open, vibrating – that affects airstream Manner of Articulation How air is shaped in airstream Place of Articulation Where air is shaped in airstream

3 Manner of Articulation
What we do to the airstream to constrict, obstruct or shape it producing different types of sound qualities

4 The airstream as a 4 dimensional tube
Vertical Dimension – how close articulating organs get to one another Transverse Dimension – is the sound obstructed centrally or laterally (which side?) Time – momentary obstruction or maintainable obstruction Longitudinal – place or site of obstruction

5 Stops (Plosives) Air is obstructed by stopping air at place of articulation Greatest degree of obstruction Maintainable & central obstruction Oral & Nasal Stops Oral Stops – Velum blocks nasal cavity; air lows through mouth only; [p], [d], [k] Nasal Stops – Velum is lowered; air flows through mouth and nose; [m], [n]

6 [m] [b] Gimson & Cruttenden, 1994

7 Fricatives Air is obstructed less than a stop
Air flows through articulators so that friction is created in articulation Maintainable stricture type Examples [f], [v], [s] & [z]




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