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Research Questions on Student voice, Learning and Leadership

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1 Research Questions on Student voice, Learning and Leadership
Three questions are of particular interest to us: What insights can we take from children’s and young people’s views of learning? - of leadership? What new understandings can we find about connections between the two?

2 Using Student Voice: what the research says
Historic neglect of students as a key source of evidence Emerging role of student voice in: school self-evaluation for improvement improving learning understanding leadership

3 Benefits in honouring student voice on learning and leadership
Enhances school connectedness and engagement influences personal development and the richness of learning Leads to ownership of the learning agenda Open up youth-centric rather than adult views of learning and leadership Refocuses understandings of leadership on situations faced by children and young people Creates new perspectives on connections between leadership and learning

4 Challenges in honouring student voice
Finding appropriate research methods Acknowledging students’ right to know the outcomes of their involvement Addressing the dilemma of adults turning youth-centric findings into learning schedules and youth leadership programs

5 Student narratives on learning
Bishop, Berryman, Cavanagh & Teddy (2008) A process of collaborative story-telling exposes the dominance of deficit theorising and the self-fulfilling prophesy of underachievement and failure Dempster, Lizzio, Keefe, Skinner and Andrews (2010) Visual Scenarios enable adolescents to describe leadership and the situations in which they see it, good or bad

6 Questions for future research
The search for innovative child and youth friendly research methods Linking new methods to further understanding of learning from the ‘insider’s point of view’ Investigating leadership and its links with learning in fields beyond the school (real and virtual) Doing more with children as co-researchers

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