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European New Towns Platform From 2006 to 2009. A growing network Adjud AlmereAlt EmpordaBarberà del Vallès BasildonBussy-Saint-Georges Capelle aan den.

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1 European New Towns Platform From 2006 to 2009

2 A growing network Adjud AlmereAlt EmpordaBarberà del Vallès BasildonBussy-Saint-Georges Capelle aan den IJsselCergy Pontoise EmmenErdGranollersHaarlemmermeer HarlowHässelby Vällingby Milton KeynesNieuwegeinOuest Provence PurmerendSabadellSaint-Quentin-en-Yvelines SénartStalowa WolaStevenageTatabanya TorfaenVal MaubuéeVantaaZoetermeer And still place for more members… Louvain-la-Neuve Agios Stefanos

3 Our main aims At the European level: work as an advocacy body to represent the New Towns, promote them and strengthen their role on a regional and trans-national level To inform New Towns about the activities of the European Union and relevant programs, especially Structural Funds For members: work as a Platform they can use to exchange information, share good practices and implement common projects

4 4 Priorities

5 Network of artists or associations Gathering of young people Study visits Twinning activities New (European) projects Experts meetings Conferences Trainings Forum Activities

6 Themes Urban renewalSocial cohesion Sustainable development Entrepreneurship The rapid growth of New Towns can cause specific problems linked with urban renewal. The ENTP is starting an exchange of information and good practice on this theme in order to help New towns in developing their urban renewal policies. We believe that local authorities play a main role for the social environment of inhabitants. This theme is implemented through: 3 gender equality projects, “knowledge networks” project on local governance, the “migrant woman” project, the “ARCADE” project on culture and development and proposals on “youth exchange” and fight against social exclusion. This theme is promoted because ENTP believes that local authorities play a large role in finding a balance between economic development and environmental, health and social issues. The theme is implemented through different projects: the Encourage project and the Connected Cities project. ENTP is starting to promote Entrepreneurship’s projects, taking into account the high demands of the partners in working on this issue and its relationship with the other ENTP’ s themes. Therefore, ENTP is beginning to work on projects related to: Development of local economic competitive advantages, promotion of SME, attraction and expansion of new business and private investments and formation of high or specialized skilled workers

7 Social Cohesion Absence of Community feeling Designed for nuclear families Confronted to the change of society Ageing of the population Level of social problems (poverty, deprivation)

8 Sustainable Development The “garden Cities” influence Transport Communities Environmental policies

9 Newtasc (finished in October 2006) New Towns as Sustainable Communities European projects

10 Connected Cities (completed in 2007) Combine sustainable mobility and spatial development, improving accessibility and quality of life in urban and rural areas European projects

11 Encourage (Running project) To encourage environmental managment practices in the buisnes parks of 5New Towns in Europe in order to reduce the encourage footprint in NWE Eco-buildings Creation of a joint waste Managment and recycling system Use of renewal energies Development of Alternative transport system and corporative Transport plans Landscape recovery European projects

12 Knowledge Network (Completed in 2007) Improve local policy and government by reinforcing local participation and governance European projects

13 Migrant Woman (finished in 2007) Raise awareness of the particular situation that migrant women have to cope European projects

14 Arcade (running project) Promote cultural and artistic projects in developing countries as vectors of sustainable development European projects

15 Men & work / life balance (finished in February 2007) European Commission With support from the European Community – Programme relating to the community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality (2001-2005) Work Life Balance (finished in December 2007) PROM (finished in February 2008) Promotion of Gender equality through local development European projects

16 Benefits of being a member Information about the EU Expertise sharing within the network Knowledge sharing and exchange of experience Participation in EU co-financed projects Technical assistance for projects and conferences Use of the offices in Brussels (meetings) Fees: 4900 to 7700 Euros depending on the number of inhabitants

17 Next projects EGENIUS (second phase to start) Urban Regeneration and Town Centres

18 Next projects SET4U (just submitted) Sustainable Economy in Towns for Upward Development

19 Next projects Labour plus (to be submitted) Local strategies for employment

20 Next projects Employers and work / life balance (to be submitted) Business sensitization to Gender Equality Role of men and fathers in the reconciliation between private and professional life

21 Eco-responsible management (to be submitted) How to implement an eco-responsible approach, from the local authorities to the territories Next projects

22 Town centres management (to be submitted) Integrated approach to town centres regeneration in North West Europe with focus on demographic changes and migrations Integrated approach to town centres regeneration in Mediterranean countries

23 Next projects INCLUSIA (to be submitted) Cohesive and inclusive societies: towards equality, participation and development


25 Conclusion A Europe more sustainable, more social, more competitive… with you ! Thank you for your attention

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