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Cyber Security 2005 ERCOT COMPLIANCE ROLLOUT Lane Robinson Reliability Analyst.

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1 Cyber Security 2005 ERCOT COMPLIANCE ROLLOUT Lane Robinson Reliability Analyst

2 Cyber Security Standard STANDARD 1200

3 Standard 1200 Background Urgent Action Cyber Security SAR initiated April, 2003 to identify & protect critical cyber assets WHY? Documented cases of cyber attacks –Several SCADA systems disabled due to virus attacks EMS & SCADA systems moving toward more standard architectures with known vulnerabilities Higher risk of cyber incidents due to insider activities

4 Standard 1200 Background (cont) Aug 14, 2003 Northeast Blackout –Several entities violated NERC policies and standards –Existing compliance process did not identify and resolve violations –Differing policy and responsibility interpretations –Previous blackout problems repeated –No evidence of terrorist activities, but recognition that the grid is vulnerable.

5 NERC 1200 Standard The NERC Board of Trustees has adopted this Standard into the NERC Compliance Enforcement Program (Aug 2003) All Control Areas and Reliability Coordinators (ERCOT) within North America are expected to self-certify their compliance in the 1 st quarter of 2005.

6 The Standard will Apply to the Following Functions (Check box for each one that applies.) Reliability AuthorityEnsures the reliability of the bulk transmission system within its Reliability Authority area. This is the highest reliability authority. Balancing AuthorityIntegrates resource plans ahead of time, and maintains load-interchange-resource balance within its metered boundary and supports system frequency in real time Interchange AuthorityAuthorizes valid and balanced Interchange Schedules Planning AuthorityPlans the bulk electric system Transmission Service Provider Provides transmission services to qualified market participants under applicable transmission service agreements Transmission OwnerOwns transmission facilities Transmission OperatorOperates and maintains the transmission facilities, and executes switching orders Distribution ProviderProvides and operates the “wires” between the transmission system and the customer GeneratorOwns and operates generation unit(s) or runs a market for generation products that performs the functions of supplying energy and Interconnected Operations Services Purchasing-Selling Entity The function of purchasing or selling energy, capacity and all necessary Interconnected Operations Services as required Load-Serving EntitySecures energy and transmission (and related generation services) to serve the end user √ √ √ √ √ √ √

7 NERC Cyber Security Standard 1200 1201 – Cyber Security Policy 1202 – Critical Cyber Assets 1203 – Electronic Security Perimeter 1204 – Electronic Access Controls 1205 – Physical Security Perimeter 1206 – Physical Access Controls 1207 – Personnel 1208 – Monitoring Physical Access

8 Standard 1200 (cont.) 1209 – Monitoring Electronic Access 1210 – Information Protection 1211 – Training 1212 – Systems Management 1213 – Test Procedures 1214 – Electronic Incident Response Actions 1215 – Physical Incident Response Actions 1216 – Recovery Plans

9 Standard 1200 Requirements

10 Standard 1200 Guidelines In most cases the NERC 1200 Standard does not specify the actual required solution. Those decisions have been left up to the asset owners and operators.

11 Standard 1200 Expectations ERCOT as the Control Area & Reliability Coordinator self-certified in Q1’05 Annual self-certification is required of Control Areas and Reliability Coordinators All owner/operators of SCADA and EMS are expected to be in compliance, but are not required to self-certify! There are no sanctions that can be imposed at this time

12 STANDARD 1300

13 Cyber Security 1300 Standard Standard 1200 is set to expire in Aug, 2005 but will be replaced by Standard 1300 The 16 areas of the 1200 Standard have been combined into 8 areas in the 1300 Standard 1300 encompasses all of 1200 and includes additional items

14 CIP-002 – CIP-009

15 NERC Conventions NERC is re-organizing it’s Standards naming and numbering conventions Standard 1300 is now part of the CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) policy. CIP-002 thru CIP-009 will replace 1301 thru 1308

16 Summary ERCOT is required to self-certify to the 1200 Standard and has done so FERC is pressing very hard for the industry through NERC to insure there is full compliance with Standard 1200 All entities with SCADA & EMS are expected to comply but are not required to self-certify at this time

17 What Should I Do? It is very likely that ERCOT Compliance will be asked to audit and enforce CIP policies either through NERC or through ERCOT developed Protocols & Guides 2005 – not likely 2006 – possible 2007 – very likely but……. Don’t wait – be proactive rather than reactive!

18 NERC Cyber Security Resources Cyber Security Workshop Presentations – NERC Cyber Security 1200 Standard – NERC Cyber Security 1300 Standard – Permanent.html NERC Cyber Security Cross-Reference – Permanent.html

19 1300 CIP-002 – CIP-009 1200 CYBER SECURITY STANDARDS Questions????????

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