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How Sociologists View Social Problems

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1 How Sociologists View Social Problems
The Abortion Dilemma

2 The Sociological Imagination
“The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society.” – C. Wright Mills

3 The Sociological Imagination
Seeing people’s behavior and attitudes in the context of the social forces that affect their lives Our person troubles are a result of the public condition

4 The Sociological Imagination
Also referred to as the sociological perspective Social location Where we are located in society Predictions based on social location reference the group, not the individual

5 Social Problem Aspect of society that a large number of people are concerned about and would like to see changed.

6 Characteristics of Social Problems
Objective concerns Abortion Whether abortions are legal Who obtains abortions Why they have abortions Number of abortions Can be measured or experienced

7 Characteristics of Social Problems
Subjective Concerns Abortion Some women may have unwanted children Some women terminate their pregnancy Concerns that a significant number of people (or a number of significant people) have about the objective concern

8 Characteristics of Social Problems
Roe v. Wade Before decision Illegality Back alley abortion After decision Legality Changing the law Dynamic Respond to changes in society Take shape as groups interact with one another

9 Characteristics of Social Problems
Relative What is a solution to some, might be a problem for others Based on values

10 Natural History of Social Problems
Defining the problem Crafting an official response Reacting to official response Pursuing alternative stategies

11 Studying Social Problems
Surveys Case studies Experiments Field studies

12 Gathering information
Interviews Questionaires Documents Observations

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