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Monday’s Warm-up  What do you know about Canada? 5 things 5 things.

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1 Monday’s Warm-up  What do you know about Canada? 5 things 5 things

2 Human (Cultural) Geography of Canada

3 Overview/ generalization: Chapter 7 identifies the features of human (cultural) geography of Canada

4 Canada’s population is approximately 33,500,000. Comparison to the US: about 350,000,000. Canada has a MUCH smaller population, on MORE land than the US!

5 The People of Canada

6  Canada’s population is ethnically diverse. Canada’s population is… …ethnically diverse.

7 First Nations Who are the Canadians known as FIRST NATIONS? Native peoples of Canada: Inuit Eskimos


9 British culture French culture

10 Great Britain and France Colonial rivalry between: Great Britain and France Both countries wanted the money that could be made in Canada from its coastal fisheries and fur trading!

11 Cultural Influence of Canada  The English have greatly influenced much of Canada’s culture & political system  The French have a strong cultural influence in the province of Quebec!

12 The metis are of mixed French and Native American blood

13 The Geography of Canada

14 Many factors have affected the development and settlement of Canada

15  The cold climate of Canada… The climate of Canada is COLD!

16 Most Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border! Reasons for this?

17  A transcontinental railroad was… The Transcontinental RR of Canada helped connect eastern and western Canada Helped transport resources, especially gold, from the west back to the capital in the east


19 What is a province? province What is a province ? (#26) (includes: Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10

20 Subregions of Canada Cultural SUBregions of Canada (Pacific Province and Territories) (Prairie Provinces) (Core Provinces) (Atlantic Provinces)

21 The Atlantic Provinces What is significant about the Atlantic Provinces? The location of the arrival of the Vikings Known for its rugged coastline and it fishing industry

22 The Prairie Provinces What are the important characteristics of the Prairie Provinces? Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba

23 Farmland in the Prairie Provinces Farming in the Prairie Provinces (extension of the Great Plains region of the United States)

24 The Pacific Province (British Columbia) Which province is known as the Pacific Province? What is the climate like in the coastal parts of this province? Major port cities - trade with Asia

25 Why are the Territories so SPARSELY populated? Other characteristics of the Territories???

26 The Core Provinces Why are the Core Provinces known “heartland” as Canada’s “heartland” ?

27 French influence in Quebec Which of Canada’s provinces strongly reflects the influence of the French?

28 Montreal, Quebec

29 The Quebecois- who are they? The Quebecois- Who are they??

30 Toronto, Ontario

31 Regionalism in Canada  Regionalism: the political and emotional support for one’s region before support for one’s country.  Regions in Canada are very, very different, that often it causes conflicts.

32 Factors of Regionalism  Quebec & Ontario have argued for centuries about language and cultural differences  Atlantic & Pacific Provinces have felt detached from the center of Canada because of the vast size of Canada  Alberta feels that it shouldn’t have to share it’s oil with Ottawa  British Columbia feels the mountains and vast distance has left them isolated.

33 Regionalism  The geography of Canada helps keep regionalism alive for the Canadian people

34  What country strongly influenced Canada’s political system?

35 Structure of the gov’t in Canada Structure of the Canadian Government

36 Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper January 2006 Leader of the majority party in the House of Commons.

37 Canada’s symbolic head of state Queen Elizabeth II

38 Economy and Culture of Canada

39 Canadian Mountie Canadian Mountie

40  Canada has abundant natural resources…


42  Canada has a strong economy based on exports.

43 Canada is a major exporter of wood pulp.

44 rolls of newsprint


46 scenic beauty attracts tourists Canada’s scenic beauty attracts tourists.

47 Agriculture  Only about 5% of Canada’s land is suitable for farming yet it produces large amounts of food for domestic and export.  Canada has many mineral deposits so mining is a major industry in Canada.  Canada exports more fish than any other country in the world because it has access to three coastlines: Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic.

48 What is NAFTA?

49 NAFTA members (U.S.)(Mexico)(Canada)

50 NAFTA  NAFTA makes trading easier between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.  About 85% of Canada’s exports went to the U.S. and 75% of Canada’s imports came from the U.S.  U.S. is Canada’s chief trading partner; the two countries share the longest open border in the world and the same language.

51  Canadians enjoy…


53 Celebrities from Canada

54 Alanis Morissette Shania Twain Avril Lavigne

55 Jim Carrey Celine Dion

56 Matthew Perry Michael J. Fox

57 Mike Myers Peter Jennings (died of lung cancer in 2005)

58 Mario Lemieux Wayne Gretzky

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