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Chapter 9 Crimes Against the Person.

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1 Chapter 9 Crimes Against the Person

2 Crimes Against the Person
Homicide: the killing of one human being by another * may be criminal or non-criminal * Criminal Homicide is committed with intent or reckless action * Non-criminal Homicide is classified as either “excusable” or “justifiable” and is not subject to criminal charges

3 a. Was Wilfred’s request related to suicide? Explain your answer
Wilfred, age 75, has been suffering from caner for 10 years. The pain associated with the cancer is severe and has become worse over time. Wilfred’s doctors say there is no treatment to either slow down the cancer’s growth or substantially reduce the pain. Wilfred asks Martha, his wife of 50 years, to relieve him of the terrible pain. He asks her to bring hi a bottle of pills that will help him end his own life. Martha cannot stand watching Wilfred suffer anymore and gives him the pills. He swallows them all, slowly fades off t o sleep, and dies. a. Was Wilfred’s request related to suicide? Explain your answer If you were the district attorney in the state where Martha lives, would you file criminal charges against her? Explain If manslaughter charges were filed and you were on the jury, would you vote to convict Martha? Give your reasons. If Martha were convicted, what sentence should she receive? Why? If the bottle of pills had been given to Wilfred by a physician instead of by his wife, would your answers have been different? Give your reasons If you were a state legislator, would you be in favor of or against a law allowing assisted suicide? Explain

4 Quick Review Turn to a neighbor and discuss
Explain the elements of each type of homicide 1st Degree Murder Felony Murder 2nd Degree Murder Voluntary Manslaughter Involuntary Manslaughter Negligent Homicide

5 Types of Homicide Criminal Homicide:
1) Murder – killing done with malice a. 1st Degree Murder – Premeditated, planned out b. Felony Murder – Deliberate killing takes place during crime c. 2nd Degree Murder – Killing done with malice but without premeditation d. Voluntary Manslaughter – Something was done to cause a reasonable person to lose self control or act rashly e. Involuntary Manslaughter – No intent to kill, but death came from conduct so reckless that it causes extreme danger of death or bodily injury f. Negligent Homicide – Causing death through criminal negligence (failure to provide reasonable/ordinary care)

6 Types of Homicide Non Criminal Homicide:
* A soldier killing someone during war * A police officer shoots a suspect endangering others * A person killing an attacker in self-defense

7 Crimes Against the Person (continued)
Suicide : the deliberate taking of one’s own life (a crime so help can be given) Society now views suicide/attempted suicide as a mental health problem and have resources for help National/State/Local hotlines Kidnapping: the unlawful imprisonment/abduction of another person A federal crime if the victim is taken across state lines

8 Assault and Battery ASSAULT : any attempt or threat to carry out a physical attack upon another person BATTERY : any unlawful physical contact inflicted by one person upon another person without consent (different degrees of assault &/or battery) STALKING : when a person repeatedly follow or harasses another person making that person fear death or bodily injury. Cyberstalking is done using electronic communications BULLYING : a version of assault and battery in which peers or acquaintances intimidate or put others in fear SEXUAL ASSAULT: assault that includes rape, attempted rape, verbal attacks. Any unwanted sexual contact between the victim and the offender. Can be attempted or completed to be criminal

9 Rape Sexual intercourse without consent.
Aggravated rape occurs when a weapon is present STATUTORY RAPE : intercourse with someone under the legal age of consent In Washington state, the age of consent is 16 or if the offender is more that 60 months older than the victim and the victim is under 18 CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT : A legal term for rape which includes the victim being unable to give consent (drunk, drugged) or victims of either sex – used to prosecute same sex offenders ACQUAINTANCE RAPE : “DATE RAPE” – sexual assault by someone known to the victim

10 For each case, assume that the 2 people have sexual intercourse
For each case, assume that the 2 people have sexual intercourse. Assume that the police find out about the sexual activity in each instance. How should each situation be handled?

11 Scenario #1 At midnight, a man breaks into the home of a woman he does not know. He goes to her bedroom, awakens her, pulls out a knife, and threatens to stab her unless she has sex with him. She tells him that she does not want to have sex. But then she says, “If you are going to do this, you’d better use a condom.” He agrees

12 Scenario #2 A famous boxer serves as a judge at a beauty contest. After the contest, he invites an 18 year old contestant to his hotel room. She meets him there. Later, she says he forced her to have sex.

13 Scenario #3 A male high school student, aged 17, and a female high school student, aged 14, go out on a date. After attending a party, they agree to have intercourse in his car. The legal age of consent in this state is 16. The next day, he brags about this as school, and she goes to the police. There is some evidence that he is part of an informal organization of high school boys who are involved in a competition to have sex with as many girls as possible

14 Scenario #4 Leo and Nina are college juniors who have had three dates. On these dates, they have never engaged in any sexual activity beyond a brief goodnight kiss. On their fourth date, he invites her to an all-night drinking party to his fraternity house. She drinks too much, goes up to his room alone around 1:00 am, and falls asleep. In the morning, she wakes up to discover that she and Leo had intercourse during the night

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