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Six Tips for Your First Semester Women’s Resource Network (765) 494-9879

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1 Six Tips for Your First Semester Women’s Resource Network (765) 494-9879

2 #1: Prepare a party plan While you get ready to go out, prepare a party plan: –Know where you are going (address in case you need to call a taxi, designated driver). –Use the Student Escort Service to arrange for evening/night safe walks. Call: (765) 494-7233 –Take the Night Rider bus (Fridays and Saturdays until 3:00 a.m.)

3 Do not drink! -However, if you do drink, do not get so drunk you cannot get yourself (or your friends) home. -Golden rule: always get your own drinks. Do not accept drinks from strangers or people you just met. #2: Avoid Alcohol

4 Having sex is your choice, not your obligation. –It is true; despite what you may see on TV shows, not every college freshman has sex his or her first weekend at school. –If you do have sex, make it your choice and keep it safe! #3: Having sex is a choice

5 #4: Saying NO is a right You have the right to say NO. –First vocabulary quiz for the Fall 2011 semester: Consent = saying yes, not just once –Saying “I don’t know,” “maybe” or saying nothing does not mean consent has been given. Sexual assault = Sexual contact that occurs without the explicit consent of one of the participants.

6 #5: Know the facts Average amount of sex crimes reported between 2009 and 2010: six (6). – Source: Purdue Clery Statistics (2011) 9.9% of Purdue first year students reported being taken advantage of sexually. – Source: Health Behavior Survey (2007)

7 #6 - Know where to get help Purdue University Police (24 hours)—Emergency: 911 Student Escort Service: (765) 494-7233 Purdue Student Health Center (PUSH) Urgent Care: (765) 494-1724 General Information: (765) 494-1700 Women’s Clinic: (765) 494-6504 Crisis Center (24 hours) Call: (765) 742-0244 (Offers crisis intervention and information). Rape Survivor Advocacy and Prevention Program (24 hours) Call: (765) 742-0244 (Provides information and advocacy).

8 Where to get help – Campus Resources Women’s Resource Network (765) 494-9879 Office of the Dean of Students (765) 494-1747 Schleman Hall (SCHL) Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (765) 494-6995

9 Thank you and please keep safe!

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