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The Story& Life of Annie Johnson

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1 The Story& Life of Annie Johnson
Author: Maya Angelou

2 Annie Johnson The main character of the story is Annie Johnson. She lives in Arkansas in late Her and her family lived with little money and food. Then her husband told her one day that he wanted to get a divorce and move to Enid, Oklahoma. She was devastated that he would do that and leave her with barely anything and two small boys to take care of.

3 “I looked up the road I was going and back the way I come, and since I wasn’t satisfied, I decided to step off the road and cut me a new path.” This quote is a good description of the character. She is determined, courageous, hardworking, loving, brave, and confident. She will never give up and will always do what she has to, to help her family.

4 SPEECH ACTIONS Inner Thoughts
Annie Johnson was determined and her mind was set to take care of her family and keep them all together with food, money and each other. SPEECH ACTIONS Inner Thoughts Annie Johnson was a courageous and brave woman. She never wanted to give up on her family. Physical Appearance Annie Johnson was tall, big boned, and African American. She was over six feet tall! Annie Johnson was not the kind of person you would think she is. Back then you were not considered much if you were a woman and African American, but she was smart, caring and willing to put her life on the right path. Others Opinion

5 Hardworking Annie Johnson is a hardworking woman. She thrives to achieve her goal on keeping her family going, but not being a domestic. She achieves that goal by making bake goods and staying up in the early hours of the morning and cooking for money. Determined Annie Johnson is a determined person. Her mind is set in the right direction. She is willing to sacrifice everything to keep her family from starving. She is determined to find work and she ends up following through and conquering that goal. Brave Annie Johnson is brave and courageous. She is brave enough to start her own business and cut her own path in her life. Most women could not get a job very easily. Since she was an African American women it made finding a job even harder. But she didn’t let anything stop her and followed her heart.

6 The main problem that Annie Johnson faced was that her husband was divorcing her and moving to Arkansas to become a Preacher. He left Annie with two young boys, not much money, and little food. Annie had a long road ahead of her. She had to find a job so she could get money. She was defiantly not being a homemaker. So she thought of things she could be and ended up being a great baker/cook.  Annie Johnson faced many problems. One big problem she faced though was …

7 At the beginning of the story Annie Johnson had a conflict with her husband. Her husband wanted to divorce her and move to Arkansas and become a minister. He left her with two young boys and not much of anything. So she had to find a job. Annie Johnson

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