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Level 2 Award in Social Networking for Business Day 2 Tutor: Alan Jarvis.

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1 Level 2 Award in Social Networking for Business Day 2 Tutor: Alan Jarvis

2 Recap Social Media Marketing plan Have you completed your social media marketing plan? You need to have a go at the marketing plan before you can attempt the next steps Today: SEO Social media monitoring Social media policy

3 SEO and Keywords Homework Have you identified your keywords? Why have keywords? Keywords are those words our potential customers will put in he Google search box Will your business come up in the search results? How would people search for your business (ie what keywords would they use?) How can we check if we have good keywords? Google Adwords keyword planner tool

4 Search Engine Optimisation Use your Keywords in your website text Include your Keywords in your page titles Get in-bound links Update your site regularly

5 Keyword Research Practical Task (unit 2, LO2,2) Create an Google Adwords account Carry out keyword research on at least 3-4 main keywords with a couple of alternatives E.g. compare ‘cake shops in Essex’ with ‘bakeries in Chelmsford’ and other variations (cake decorating, wedding cakes, cake icing) Create a Word document in which you make a simple record of the research you have done using screen shots with brief annotations. Save the document in you folder calling it ‘keyword research 2-2’ or similar

6 Social Media Monitoring Improving the customer experience Providing prompt response to customer queries Effectively dealing with complains or negative comments Identifying interest in a product or service Supporting marketing decisions Improving customer relations Use tools to track the effectiveness of the social media network Use of Facebook Insights to judge the effectiveness of a social media interaction

7 Social Media Monitoring Useful tools: Hootsuite – makes posting on and monitoring multiple social media channels easier Facebook Insights – provides detailed data about your audience and which of you posts they interact with Google Analytics – provides data about your visits to your website

8 Hootsuite FREE version for up to 5 social media channels Lets have a look at Hootsuite

9 Workbook 1.5 Describe the purpose of social media monitoring and explain how to optimise the use of search engines Give EXAMPLES of why social media monitoring is important.

10 A Social Media Policy Promoting company philosophy, Avoiding conflicts of interest, Security concerns, Establishing a business identity, Ensuring confidentiality of business and customer information, Promoting honesty and respect in communications, helping with Compliance with other business policies such as codes of conduct, Separating company and personal messages

11 Social Media Policy Examples Intel Adidas

12 Social Media Policy Template Complete an outline social media policy for your company using the template provided. Use the examples on the previous slide for ‘inspiration’ but don’t copy them word for word. You don’t have to create a fully completed policy, just a draft one.

13 Social Media Marketing plan Implementation – part 1 1.3Suggest social media service for business You should have already done this in your marketing plan 1.4Set up and brand social media profiles 1.5 Administrate social media profiles Create an evidence document with screen shots of the Social Media profiles (as listed in your marketing plan) you have set up and administered 1.6Engage in relevant conversations with people and communities including responding to contacts Find some examples of ‘conversations’ (e.g. an exchange of messages) and take screen shots to put in your evidence document.

14 Social Media Content Schedule Unit 2, 2.1 Using the information you have put in your social media marketing plan create a outline content schedule Use the form provided. Not a commitment, just an outline plan and plans can change! Don’t have to very specific but try not to be too vague either!

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