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Hospitality - Practical Cake Craft CPD Presentation.

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2 Hospitality - Practical Cake Craft CPD Presentation

3 Objectives This presentation will help you to:  Understand the purpose of Verification  Prepare for Verification and know what to include when sending materials  Prepare to make assessment judgements for Practical Cake Craft candidates  View and discuss examples of Practical Cake Craft Candidate work.

4 Purpose of Verification  To ensure there is a consistent approach to assessment for Practical Cake Craft  To ensure that the national standards are being applied consistently across all centres  To provide supportive feedback to centres.

5 Preparing for Verification  Each centre that is selected for verification will submit assessment evidence for 12 candidates at National 5 level  The centre can choose which Unit (or Units, in the case of a combined approach to assessment) to select. It must be the same Unit for all candidates  Minimum is one assessment judgement per candidate i.e. achieved or not achieved.

6 What to send for Verification  Each candidate should have a Candidate Checklist completed to show the assessment judgement at this stage and WHY this has been made. An Assessor Observational Checklist should be included.  Each candidate should have a completed Flyleaf (received from SQA when selected for Verification)

7 What to send for Verification  Jotters, notes etc. are NOT required - you should send only assessment evidence.  All evidence should be identified with the candidates name and date of production.  If evidence is to meet several Assessment Standards, each piece of evidence should be identified in such a way that it can be referenced on more than one occasion.  You should include the assessment you have used to assess candidates.

8 Verification Sample  Centres are asked to include assessed candidate evidence that shows a range of candidate performance and assessment judgements.  This may not be possible for all Centres.

9 Internal Verification  All assessment evidence must be marked in line with national standards - detailed in the Unit Specification with further guidance provided in the Unit Assessment Support Pack (UASP)  Ensure that you have marked all candidate evidence. It should be clear WHY the candidate has achieved or not achieved and WHERE this evidence can be found

10 Internal Verification Centres must show evidence of their internal verification process. This might include:  records of standardisation  meetings  cross marking  consistent approaches to assessment  consistent assessment judgements  feedback to pupils.

11 Possible Verification Decisions Accepted which means that:  The approaches to assessment for all candidates are valid  The assessment judgements for all candidates are in line with the Outcomes and Assessment Standards.

12 Possible Verification Decisions Accepted * which means that: overall the approach to assessment and assessment judgements are in line with National Standards (i.e. certification can proceed) but there are some recommended actions that relate to the approaches to assessment and/or the assessment judgements.

13 Possible Verification Decisions Not Accepted which means that there is an issue with: The approach to assessment; and/or the assessment judgements and that this warrants a hold being placed on certification until the issue is addressed and resolved by the centre.

14 Practical Cake Craft Practical Activity Assessment Task  This practical activity is worth 100 marks. The marks contribute 100% of the overall marks for the Course Assessment. The course will be graded A- D.  The practical activity has 3 stages, ‘Designing’ has 10 marks, ‘Implementing’ has 85 marks and ‘Evaluating’ has 5 marks.  Marking should always be positive, i.e. marks should not be deducted for errors or omissions.

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