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Placing your final Order Door to Door Sales Prizes & Pickup Time Signup.

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1 Placing your final Order Door to Door Sales Prizes & Pickup Time Signup

2 Before you begin Please have the following items ready: Your user name and password for the popcorn system* Your user name and password for the online selling system** Your sales export from the online selling system (8/1/14- 10/16/14) All order forms from each scout All prize orders from each scout Show & Sell Allocations for each scout How many Military Donations your unit sold at Show & Sells Your total inventory that you have left from your Show & Sell Your preferred pickup time for popcorn pickup *if you need your log in information for the Trail’s End Popcorn System please email *Please visit for information on how to setup an online selling leaders

3 Go to Click “Scouts – Leaders - Councils”

4 Click “Popcorn System”

5 Enter your Username and Password, if you don’t have your username and password please contact

6 Click the Scouts tab

7 Verify that all of your scouts are listed, if not click the Edit Scouts Button

8 This is where you add scouts to your unit Enter First Name and Last initial

9 When you have all of your scouts entered you can start entering orders. Start with Show & Sell allocations, make sure your unit, den or patrol has enough assigned to it to allocate to each scout, then allocate individual scout dollars When Show & Sell Allocations are complete, enter Door to Door sales by clicking the Order Form for each scout

10 Save yourself some time by adding each form as a single line instead of each individual customer

11 When all the orders are entered make sure to approve each line and then click “Save Changes” Click “Scouts” to return to the Scouts page

12 Enter your Sales here Click here to be taken to to retrieve your online sales information

13 If you have never logged into this Online Selling site you must set up an account on this page. Your validation code is “popcorn” Enter your username and password on this page If you have forgotten your password, you can get it reset here

14 When you see your name and the word “Leaders” show up you have successfully signed in.

15 Click here to download your sales report. Make sure you get the report for dates of the entire sale. From 8-1-14 To 10-16-14 Click the Orders Tab

16 Here is an example report, you will enter these numbers (Total Column) in the Trails- Sales column on the Scouts page in the Popcorn System

17 Online Sales get entered here

18 When all order forms are entered and all allocations are made click “Unit order for Door to Door” from the Orders tab

19 Your Door to Door order is already built from your scout order forms This is where you subtract any extra Show & Sell products that you have in inventory, make sure to use the Negative symbol “-” before the amount of products. If you don’t put the negative symbol you will order that much extra, basically doubling your surplus!

20 Don’t forget to order your Military Donations that were sold at Show & Sell or any other donations collected that were not put on Scout Order Forms on the Scout Page Next enter the number of active and selling scouts then submit your order When complete, make sure your “Actual Order to Council” is how much product you actually need.

21 After you place your popcorn order it is time to place your prize order. You will order your prizes from our council website

22 Click the Popcorn Sale Button on the left

23 Choose “Prize Ordering 2014” to get to the prize selection form

24 This is a simple Google Form with no required log in. You will need to know the number of each prize that you will need as well as the names and prize selections of your $1500 sellers. Each prize level is a separate page of the form, go all the way through and submit it.

25 You have now completed your popcorn and prize orders. Next you must sign up for a pickup time on our website. Go to and navigate to our Calendar. Popcorn Distribution will be made on November 1 at ACE Hardware Warehouse. Eastern High Plains (Limon and East) units will pickup in Stratton on October 31, please contact Jeff Horner to arrange your pickup time 719-337-5119

26 Click “Popcorn Dist” from our calendar.

27 Click “Register Online” to register for your pickup time.

28 You are now finished with your orders. Please remember that all popcorn money is due to the Pikes Peak Council no later than 5:00 PM November 21 st. We hope to have your prizes available at the same time for pickup.

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