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Draft Zoning Code City Council Work Session June 21, 2007.

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1 Draft Zoning Code City Council Work Session June 21, 2007

2 Overview Residential Planned Developments Mixed Residential Corridor Neighborhood Commercial Sunnyslope Village Commercial New General Regulations

3 Residential Planned Developments

4 Bonus Density Criteria Maximum bonus potential = 50% Preservation of natural open space, historic, cultural features = up to 10% Public Facilities = up to 20% Stormwater w/ usable recreation area = up to 5% Transit facilities = up to 5% Daycare facility = 5% Affordable housing: Rental units = 50% density bonus w/ 50% affordable units Ownership units = up to 50% bonus w/ 30% affordable 25% bonus w/ 15% affordable 5% bonus w/ 5% affordable

5 Questions Density Criteria Feasible? How to implement Affordable Housing? Income/affordability verification Ensuring continued affordability Provision for land/building donations or “in lieu of” fee? (PC support) (PC suggests off-site improvements count)

6 Mixed Residential Corridors Comp Plan Goals: 1.Provide opportunities for infill, redevelopment and neighborhood services along the city’s arterial corridors that traverse residential neighborhoods. 2.Promote infill opportunities within the urban area. 3.Promote increasingly attractive neighborhoods with convenient access to services.

7 MRC General Standards Max. Height same as underlying zoning One story increase w/ structured parking Setbacks: Front: 15 ft. Rear: 10 ft. Side: 5 ft. Max. Lot Coverage: 55% Max. Density: same as underlying zoning

8 MRC Uses Same as underlying Zoning, PLUS: Permitted: Neighborhood Recreation Home Occupation Conditional: Clinic Multi-family Dwellings Student Housing Neighborhood Mixed Use

9 Conversion of existing dwellings must meet applicable standards Commercial use no more than 50% of dvlpt. Individual Commercial Spaces max. 20,000 square feet (recommend 2,500 sq. ft?) Pedestrian Oriented Design Standards

10 Non-Residential Uses Personal services Business or medical office Child day care Food store Studio for group instruction Bookstore Restaurant (no drive thru) Other neighborhood-oriented retail

11 Questions Applicability: Max. Depth from the Street? (Will review lots w/in MRC to determine avg. lot depth) Max. Density? (PC support removing) Comp Plan RL: 6-8 units/acre Comp Plan RM: 8-20 units/acre Comp Plan RH: 10-40 units/acre Commercial Uses only thru Mixed Use Development too Restrictive? (PC: No) Uses allowed fit intent? (PC: Yes; recommend removing “other retail” & limit hours of operation)

12 Neighborhood Commercial Eligibility: property within CN overlay or border CN zoned property Apply for a CN Planned Development for CN zoning and project approval Standards: Max. Front setback 5’ unless space is pedestrian oriented Max. Height 30 ft; plus 1 additional story for residential uses only

13 Permitted Uses Bank (no drive-thru) Farmers Market Convenience (food) Store General Retail Service Station (car wash, fuel, lube) Drinking Establishment Laundromat Restaurant (no drive- thru) Service & Repair, Non-motorized Theater (no drive-in) Mini-storage Clinic

14 Permitted Uses Offices (medical, veterinary, business) Neighborhood Center Personal Services Auditorium Child Day Care Humanitarian Service Facility Library Museum Managed Open Space Indoor Commercial Recreation Multi-family Dwellings Bed & Breakfast Group Home Student Housing

15 Questions Eligibility: Max. distance from intersection? PD Process for CN Zoning approval? (PC recommend administrative review if w/in CN overlay; otherwise public review process) Permitted Uses meet intent? (PC recommend removing Drinking Estab; limiting building footprints; # of gas pumps) Any additional Review Criteria?

16 Village Commercial (Sunnyslope) Vicinity of School and Easy St No bldg footprint greater than 30,000 sq.ft No max. area Setbacks: Max. Front setback 5’ unless space is pedestrian oriented Min. Side yard 5’ Max. Height 35’; plus 1 additional story for residential uses only Max. Lot Coverage 50%

17 Components for CV Success On-street parking 2-3 story buildings built up to sidewalk on School St Vertical mixed-use, including residential on upper floors to provide support for shops No more than 100,000 sq. ft. of retail total

18 Questions Can CV be consistent with City’s CN? Should dvlpt go thru PD process for initial zoning and site review? Setbacks? Lot Coverage? Bldg footprints?

19 Other New Regulations Accessory Dwelling Units Duplexes Cottage Housing Multi-family Dwellings Commercial Building Materials

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