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Slide 1. Slide 2 Introduction How did you get to school as a child?

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2 Slide 2 Introduction How did you get to school as a child?

3 Slide 3 Neighborhood Street Fund Applications submitted to SDOT by community This application received in 2007 Funding provided by Bridging the Gap voter approved transportation levy

4 Slide 4 Walking Routes to School Most walking routes lead to S Orcas Street Many students have to cross S Orcas Street Lack of sidewalk on south side forces some children to cross where there is no crossing guard (32 nd, Beacon, MLK)

5 Slide 5 SDOT Safe Routes to School School selected for city program in 2009 SDOT worked with the school in 2009-10 to make small improvements Mini grant awarded to the school to make traffic improvements on school property

6 Slide 6 2009 School Walking Audit Top priority to fill missing sidewalk segments on S Orcas St Clear desire lines for a sidewalk on south side Lack of money to build all missing segments Request to identify additional funding

7 Slide 7 Recent Investments School zone beacons Sidewalk gap filled New marked crosswalk at 32 nd New marked crosswalk at Beacon

8 Slide 8 WSDOT State Safe Routes to School funding for large projects SDOT submitted application in 2010 Grant was awarded Includes money for sidewalk + education, encouragement, enforcement

9 Slide 9 Sidewalk proposal Beacon Avenue S to 28 th Avenue S 6’ sidewalk on south side Planting strip Street trees Curb on both sides of the street May change how you park your car on the street

10 Slide 10 Parking Study Parking utilization studied at various times DayDateTime Friday2/18/115 am Sunday2/20/105 am Friday6/10/1111 am

11 Slide 11 Parking study results Every house (18 houses) will have space available after consolidation Peak parking demand was measured as 19 spaces Parking available after consolidation will be 28 spaces Parking utilization post- consolidation will be 68% 32 nd Ave S 28 th Ave S Beacon Ave S Peak demand = 19 Proposed = 28 Available spaces = 9 68% No data available

12 Slide 12 Sidewalk proposal - extension Possible sidewalk extension from 28 th Avenue S to 32 nd Avenue S Would complete the sidewalk from Beacon to MLK Needs additional funding Exploring funding through Sidewalk Development and TIB grant

13 Slide 13 Traffic Benefits Planting strip buffers Street trees calm traffic Curb protects new trees and sidewalk Prevents cars from parking on sidewalk Uphill bike lane gets slower moving cyclists out of travel lane

14 Slide 14 Before and After S Columbian Way BeforeS Columbian Way After

15 Slide 15 Crossing improvements Shortens the Beacon Avenue S crossing Shortens the 28 th Avenue S crossing Right turns slower Less exposure of pedestrians to motor vehicle traffic

16 Slide 16 Bicycle Connections Dearborn Park Chief Sealth Trail Beacon Avenue S

17 Slide 17 Bicycle improvements Uphill bike lane Downhill sharrows Connects the Chief Sealth Trail with Beacon Avenue S Slower moving bicycles out of the travel lane Additional funding needed to complete bike lane

18 Slide 18 Funding considerations Costs may increase as design proceeds Bicycle improvements are not yet fully funded Extension of the sidewalk between 28 th and 32 nd is not yet funded We will explore all opportunities for funding

19 Slide 19 History of SRTS at Dearborn Park Start Strong Project, 2006 - 2008

20 Slide 20 Education and Encouragement (January 2012 – June 2013) Feet First Cascade Bicycle Club For Families, Students, Teachers and the School District

21 Slide 21 The Walk & Bike Audit (March/April 2012)

22 Slide 22 Walk & Bike to School Days

23 Slide 23 Evaluation Goal to increase number of students walking and biking to school In 2010: –42% bus –42% driven –11% walked –4% carpool –Less than 1% biked Shift to neighborhood schools

24 Slide 24 Enforcement Speed enforcement Variable radar speed sign Communicate traffic circulation plan Help parents understand rules and expectations Student patrol and adult crossing guard

25 Slide 25 Timeline Design 2011 Education and Encouragement 2012 Enforcement 2012 Summer-Fall 2012 sidewalk construction

26 Slide 26 Questions

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