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Woodward Light Rail Transit Project NAMC Detroit Transporation Symposium September 15, 2011.

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1 Woodward Light Rail Transit Project NAMC Detroit Transporation Symposium September 15, 2011

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Downtown & Mainline Alignment Environmental Impact Statement Decision Making Factors DBE and Contracting Opportunities Next Steps

3 Presentation Team Kamau C. Marable, M.A. Manager Public Involvement Woodward Light Rail Transit Tim Roseboom Manager Strategic Planning DDOT Mark Ryan Project Manager URS

4 Alignment 19 Stations 9.3 Miles Mainly Median Park & Ride Maint. Facility Downtown

5 Light Rail Vehicle Example Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) – Twin Cities Two-Car Consist Hiawatha LRT Minneapolis, MN

6 Vehicle Features Modern LRV Features Level Boarding for ADA Access Bike Racks on Trains

7 Hiawatha LRT, Minneapolis, MN Typical Platform / Station

8 Station LocationCurrent Concept Congress and Larned Street – Current Concept 350’ Uninterrupted Frontage 250’ Uninterrupted Frontage Parking Ramp’ Access Congress St. Larned St. Shelby St. Griswold St.

9 Station Location Current Concept McNichols Road Station – Current Concept McNichols Rd. Florence St. Louise St. Stevens St. Geneva St. Alternate Concept A Issues:- Reconfigure With Two End-to-End Platforms - Secondary Access at South End AA B B

10 McNichols Road Station – Section at SB Platform

11 Record of Decision Issued August 31 by FTA Allows Federal funds to be used Clears project to receive over $300 million in New Starts Federal grant Binding commitments for project

12 Environmental Impact Statement MDOT/FHWA Workshops: Guiding Principles a)11’ Travel Lanes, Except Where Necessary e.g. Overpass b)Maintain Vehicular Corridor Capacity Two Through Lanes each Direction c)Limit Moving Curb d)15’ Sidewalk Margin Where Possible Station Locations Impact Sidewalk e)8’ Parking Adjacent to Train is too Narrow Minimum of 10’

13 Key Decision Making Factors Maintain On Street Parking Design Service to Ridership Projection Provide Safe Pedestrian Environment Design and Build using Existing Bridges

14 Project Time-Line Enter Preliminary Engineering (PE): Nov 2011 Issue Vehicle RFP: January 2012 Early Construction Activities: September 2012 Enter Final Design: August 2013 Mainline Construction: May 2013 to April 2015 Delivery of Vehicles: May 2015 Final Testing: July 2015 Revenue Service: September 2015

15 Creating Jobs in Detroit & Surrounding Areas Carla Brown DBE/Workforce Specialist

16 Overview A Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) is a business that functions with a minimum of 51% of the ownership and daily operation, management and overall control is held by minority groups or persons determined by the Small Business Administration to be economically and socially disadvantaged. Citizens presumed to be disadvantaged are: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Native Americans, and women.

17 Bid Opportunities WLRT’s Office of Public Involvement provides information (bid opportunity listing) on upcoming contracts and information on prime contractor/consultants with whom potential subcontracts and/or joint venture arrangements can be made. Given the economic climate in the Metropolitan Detroit Area, the proposed DBE participation is 30%.

18 Jobs Snapshot

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