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SAE Relay For Life and Cross Pointe Church Andrew Overcash.

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1 SAE Relay For Life and Cross Pointe Church Andrew Overcash

2 Service Learning Service-learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting that combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service, frequently youth service, throughout the communityyouth servicecommunity /Service_learning /Service_learning

3 Benefits For Student Service Learning 1.Makes curriculum relevant to students' lives 2.Clarifies values 3.Promotes community and civic responsibility 4.Encourages multicultural awareness 5.Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills 6.Fosters social and personal development 7.Builds a community within the classroom

4 Benefits For Teacher Service Learning 1.The relevance of the experience to students' lives validates teaching and enhances learning 2.Helps build classroom community 3.Establishes relationships with people in the community

5 Benefits for Community Service Learning 1.Provides meaningful services to our community 2.Creates opportunities for community agencies to participate in student learning 3.Builds community awareness of college programs and services

6 SAE Food for Haiti When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, SAE teamed up and ran a food drive. We collected non perishable items and put them in a huge box. We ended up filling up a huge cardboard box and shipped it off to Haiti.

7 SAE Camping for Cancer During Relay for Life week, SAE camped on the front lawn of the fraternity house all week to support cancer. Also in April 23 all of Greek went to front lawn of VSU to support relay for life and all night.

8 Cross Pointe Church In March 2010, I teamed up with Cross Pointe Church and helped out building a back deck for an older family. We also did yard work that they needed done. This couple was not able to do much and with us building them a deck they were able to sit out back and enjoy being outside.

9 Relay for Life and Cross Pointe Church

10 Reflection I had a great time participating in community service. Not only did I learn that there are many people that need support, but also it builds a lot of character. I enjoyed camping and supporting Relay for Life because also I have had family members that had cancer so I also felt that I was supporting them also.

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