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ALERT Tackling Serious and Organized Crime in Alberta.

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1 ALERT Tackling Serious and Organized Crime in Alberta

2 History Unprecedented economic growth led to the creation of Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta in 1999. first foray into integrated policing

3 History Integrated policing… combines the efforts of multiple police agencies to target a specific crime problem that is complex and crosses multiple jurisdictions.

4 History Following the creation of CISA, other integrated units were formed: Integrated Response to Organized Crime (IROC) Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) units the Alberta Relationship Threat Assessment Management Initiative (ARTAMI) other drug, gang, and intelligence units.

5 History In 2006, the Government of Alberta established Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT). arm’s-length from government brings together a number of integrated policing units a first for Canada

6 Mandate ALERT… provides a coordinated provincial focus to the strategic deployment of law enforcement resources promotes intelligence-led policing promotes standard business practices ensures fiscal responsibility

7 Mandate Nine partner agencies: Camrose Police Service Calgary Police Service Edmonton Police Service Lethbridge Regional Police Service Medicine Hat Police Service RCMP Alberta Sheriffs Alberta Justice Alberta Children and Youth Services

8 Mandate ALERT manages 400 police officers and personnel. Funding is provided by the Government of Alberta municipal police and RCMP contribute a number of positions

9 Governance Civilian Board of Directors Members selected from police commissions and communities policed by RCMP Law Enforcement Advisory Committee Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs from partner agencies

10 Structure Three operational categories: intelligence enforcement support services

11 Intelligence Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta (CISA) and regional intelligence teams: collect and share intelligence information work with other provinces and CISC developing a new, provincial intelligence model

12 Enforcement Combined Forces Special Enforcement Units (CFSEU): specialize in organized crime, marijuana, drug, and gang investigations located in Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Fort McMurray teams in Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie to follow

13 Enforcement CFSEU enforcement officers: conduct long-term, in-depth, investigations target large criminal organizations employ a variety of investigative techniques are intelligence-led

14 Enforcement Edmonton CFSEU 18 month investigation 4 people arrested 5 kilograms of cocaine hashish, marijuana and magic mushrooms $275,000 cash 30 firearms 3 cars and 2 boats

15 Enforcement Calgary CFSEU 1-year investigation 9 people arrested 11 kilograms of cocaine

16 Enforcement Medicine Hat CFSEU sophisticated marijuana grow operation 8 people arrested 2,000 marijuana plants $500,000 worth of grow equipment $70,000 cash $1 million worth of property

17 Enforcement CFSEU Green Teams located in Edmonton and Calgary target and dismantle marijuana grow operations seized 65,000 marijuana plants worth $78 million in 2009 could have produced 33 million joints

18 Support Services Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) units target and apprehend people who prey on children online located in north and south time-consuming, in-depth, complicated investigations from 2007-2010, investigated nearly 1,600 alleged predators and laid 466 child pornography charges nationally recognized best practices

19 Support Services Integrated Threat and Risk Assessment Centre (I-TRAC) develops risk reduction plans for domestic violence and stalking cases formed in 2007 by government of Alberta following plea from Katherine Whitbread integrates experts from various fields first in Canada

20 Support Services Safer Communities and Neighborhoods (SCAN) uses civil legislation to target problem properties being used for illegal activities investigates complaints from the public can obtain an order to shut-down the property has responded to 565 complaints and resolved 461 informally

21 Support Services Fugitive Apprehension Sheriffs Support Team (FASST) tracks, investigates, and arrests criminals wanted on outstanding warrants has cleared 4,000 warrants and made 700 arrests Calgary JFO

22 Support Services Sheriffs Investigative Surveillance Unit (SISU) conducts surveillance operations for police around the province

23 Support Services Alberta Specialized Law Enforcement Training (ASLET) provides elite training to ALERT officers and Alberta law enforcement curriculum evolves to remain current and covers a variety of topics

24 Performance Proof of success Comprehensive business plan Quarterly and annual reports

25 Conclusion Our results: 2,500 arrests 6,500 charges 800 kilograms of drugs 350 firearms countless crimes prevented and victims saved

26 Conclusion Questions?

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