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Travel and Tourism Lester B Pearson High School

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1 Travel and Tourism Lester B Pearson High School
Urban Tourism Travel and Tourism Lester B Pearson High School

2 Definitions World Class Cities – Centers of global economic activity, power and wealth. Home of larger corporation headquarters and financial institutions. i.e. New York City

3 Key Factors for World Class Cities
Factors for making a city world class are broken down into four categories: Economic – world financial centre, has a stock market Political – large & diverse population , involved with world organizations Cultural – renown cultural institutions and events, media & sporting outlets Infrastructure – major international airport, prominent skyline , subway    

4 Map of World Class Cities

5 Definitions Urban Tourism – tourism to an urban area for the purpose if experiencing all that the city has to offer.

6 Urban Tourism: What attracts visitors to cities?

7 Key Elements for Attracting Urban Tourists
Primary Elements: Tourist Activity Places – Cultural, Sports, and Amusement facilities Tourist Environment – Physical structure of city, Socio-cultural features Secondary Elements: Accommodations , Shopping , Accessibility, Transportation, and Tourism Information

8 World’s Best Shopping Districts
Typically street-side shopping areas Distinguished by the number of designer label boutiques (ex. Prada), Haute couture fashion houses (ex. Burberry)

9 World’s Best Shopping Districts
Ginza District, Tokyo, Japan Milan Fashion District, Milan, Italy Champs Elysees, Paris, France Bond St. & Oxford St., London , England Calle Serrano, Madrid, Spain Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Madison and 5th Avenue, New York, USA Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, USA GUM & Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

10 Your Independent Task Choose a world class city from the list provided, and find the matching travel guide for that city. Using the provided worksheet, search for the information about this city’s best shopping places, hotel, restaurant and top sight seeing locations.

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