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The New Kid by Mike Makley

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1 The New Kid by Mike Makley
Lyric Poems express the thoughts and feelings of the poet. They may sometimes sound like a song.

2 Lyric Poetry Poets use lyric poetry to tell a story with a
musical quality. They often organize these poems into stanzas with meter and rhyme. These literary elements give the lyric poem its song effect.

3 Lyric Poetry Remember that a lyric poem: is about a feeling or mood
usually has end rhymes may sound like a song when read aloud

4 Literary Elements Stanzas – groups of lines that give the poem its form. Line Break – the place where the line ends. Meter – the rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry. Rhyme – when the word ending sounds the same or nearly the same as another word ending on a previous line.

5 Lyric Poetry Our baseball team never did very much,
We had me and PeeWee and Earl and Dutch, And the Oak Street Tigers always got beat Until the new kid moved in our street. Read the first stanza of The New Kid. Identify the rhyme in this stanza. Clap or tap the rhythm of the syllables as you read this stanza aloud.

6 Lyric Poetry How many stanzas does the poem The New Kid contain (pg. 185)? Notice the place where the line ends. This is the line break. How many syllables are in each line of the first stanza? Read the fourth stanza. What is the is the rhyme pattern here? Tap or clap out the rhythm.

7 Lyric Poetry Write a lyric poem about something you enjoy doing.
Organize the lines of your poem into stanzas with meter and rhyme. Use sensory details. You may illustrate your poem to share with the class.

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