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OTHELLO – ESSAY assessment task #2

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1 OTHELLO – ESSAY assessment task #2
How to prepare? Where to start? What process should you follow? …what does it all mean???

2 Interest viewers Absorb scholars Grab and keep attention Fascinate actors Intrigue critics Captivate directors Lasts Endures Always Persists Carries on Theatrical handling… Powerful dealing-with… Gripping investigation… Profound exploration… Importance Meaning of Impact of Nature of Power of ESSAY QUESTION: ‘Shakespeare’s OTHELLO continues to engage audiences through its dramatic treatment of the significance of loyalty* and disillusionment*.’ In the context of Module B, to what extent does this statement resonate with your critical analysis* and interpretation of OTHELLO? In your response, make detailed textual reference to the Shakespeare’s play and various interpretations and productions of the play script. Match with Echo with Ring true with Agree with Support Follow Understanding Reading Version Exploration Evaluation How much? How little? To what degree? To what level? Technical analysis of text

3 OTHELLO – according to Module B
__________________________________________ demonstrate an informed understanding of the ideas expressed in the text evaluate the text’s language, content and construction organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form

4 Loyalty? Loyalty – synonyms: Faithfulness
Devotion Allegiance Trustworthiness Honesty Antonyms: Treachery Betrayal Fickleness Perfidy infidelity Loyalty is a social and cultural value What IS the nature of loyalty: In Elizabethan England? In other cultures, times and places? Between work colleagues? Between lovers? Between family members? Between women? Between men? Between employer and employee? Among members of the same social group?

5 Disillusionment? Disillusionment is a human emotion / feeling.
Disillusionment– synonyms: Disappointment Cynicism Let-down Disenchanted Jaded Doubt Contempt Pessimism Scorn Antonyms: Satisfaction Fulfillment Enjoyment Pleasure Delight Optimism What are the causes of Disillusionment? What are the various manifestations of Disillusionment? What makes people “act” on their Disillusionment in different ways?


7 Writing of the Play Othello: This play was probably written in 1601 (for Elizabeth), a little past the middle of Shakespeare's career (he was 40). Performed at the royal court Christmas season of 1604 when command performances of entertainments for the king and courtiers were customary. That means it had probably already been a success.

8 Social and culture values of Venice
Venice is a Catholic city. In Europe, its senate is a symbol for REASON, ORDER, LAW (Catholic law) Also had a reputation as the “pleasure capital”, immoral A city-state of enormous mercantile wealth, (wealth from trade; major sea port) Venice in Shakespeare's time was a byword for luxury and culture and was also famous for its Judicial system Its trade was partially choked off by the growing power of the Turkish empire in the 16th century, which extended into Europe as well as Asia and Arabia. Hence the importance of Cyprus.

9 Venice is a symbol for order… and Turkey is a symbol for barbarianism… so Cyprus is somewhere in-between It’s an island amidst a raging sea, close to the enemy Less reason/logic here – a lack of the power of Venetian social and cultural values. On Cyprus, the characters are in a “social and cultural vacuum” in which they must (individually) take sole control of their own moral compass and their emotional responses.

10 Destructive nature of Jealousy Being an outsider
The play’s enduring appeal is in it’s dramatic treatment of the significance of a variety of human experiences, such as: Destructive nature of Jealousy Iago jealous of Cassio’s position Othello suspecting Desdemona’s unfaithfulness Being an outsider Prejudice against Othello Skin color Black & White Imagery From Africa, not Venice Warrior rather than courtier and politician Unfamiliar with societal conventions Dealt mainly with men and battle, not women and love Importance of Honour and Reputation Cassio Desdemona

11 Appearance Versus Reality
The play’s enduring appeal is in it’s dramatic treatment of the significance of a variety of human experiences, such as: Appearance Versus Reality “Honest Iago” Desdemona & Cassio Loyalty Versus Treachery The ones Othello believes are treacherous are actually loyal Cassio Desdemona Role of Emilia With her husband With Desdemona

12 The play’s enduring appeal is in it’s dramatic treatment of the significance of a variety of human experiences, such as: ENVY BETRAYAL CORRUPTION OF MORAL ORDER (Coveting thy neighbour’s wife – breakdown of military and social hierarchy) HONESTY TRUST BLIND AMBITION INNOCENCE DESTROYED PASSION - obsession (as a destructive force)

13 The role of women. Gender divisions
The role of women? Gender divisions? Have the values and attitudes surrounding women changed in 400 years?

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