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TOPIC: Revival of Trade in the 1500s.

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1 TOPIC: Revival of Trade in the 1500s.
AIM: What factors made cities into important and wealthy trading centers? Do Now: “New York City was once a a major trading center. What advantage does New York City have for trading? Write your answer.

2 Instructional Objectives
We will be able to: Understand the impact geography had on the cities of Venice, Cairo and Canton Explain how Europe experienced an economic recovery. Agenda: Do Now Notes and Mini-lecture Guided Reading Activity Summary

3 What factors led to increased global trade from 1200s and the 1500s?
Beginning in the late 1200s, global trade and interactions increased The Ming dynasty prospered and China traded by both land and sea Goods from the east moved to Africa and Asia Minor and then to Europe Cities in Asia, Africa, and Europe grew, coastal cities transported goods to the interior Portugal began to search for new routes to Asia

4 What is “Globalization”?
What were some of the major trade centers and trade routes from the 1200s to the 1500s? 1) Across the Indian Ocean 2) Overland between east and west via the Silk Road 3) Across the Mediterranean Sea What is “Globalization”?

5 What do these images show about life in European coastal towns during the 1500s?

6 Why did cities grow in importance by the 1400s?

7 Venice, Italy This city’s location on the coast allowed it to control trade between the Mediterranean Sea and Western Europe. Middle Eastern goods were shipped to Venice and then taken by carriage to Western Europe

8 Canton, China This city on China’s southern coastline controlled river trade inside China as well as oceangoing foreign trade from Europe

9 Cairo, Egypt This city on Africa’s northern coast is located on the Nile River. This allowed easy access for foreign trading ships traveling from Europe.

10 Strategy - Think Pair Share
Activity – Complete Guided Reading Flow Chart on the Commercial Revolution (pages ) Strategy - Think Pair Share

11 Summary Questions What effects did the agricultural revolution have during the middle ages? What is globalization? What role did towns and cities play in expanding world trade and globalization? What new technologies helped bring an economic recovery in Europe? What evidence is there that the high middle ages were a time of economic growth?

12 Regents Practice

13 Regents Practice

14 Regents Practice

15 Regents Practice

16 Homework: Reading and Questions on Ibn Battuta.

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