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Do Now Please sit in your new seats!

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1 Do Now Please sit in your new seats!
Please get out something to write with


3 The Powder Keg of Europe: The Balkan Region
The Balkan region had many ethnic minorities Nationalism in Balkan countries who wanted to gain independence from Ottoman Empire (late 1800s they did = more nationalism) Austria-Hungary and Russia were also looking to claim Balkan territory


5 The Annexation of Bosnia
Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia in 1908 Bosnia was populated with Serbs and Slavic peoples This angered the country of Serbia, who longed to unite Serb and Slavic peoples together Russia also angered (Russia supported Serbia and wanted to gain Bosnia to unite Slavic people too)

6 Assassination in Sarajevo
June 28, 1914, Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand, toured Bosnian capital of Sarajevo Serbian nationalist group the Black Hand plotted to assassinate the Archduke during his visit First attempt failed as the Archduke’s motorcade passed through the city Second attempt = success as the Archduke and his wife were shot by Black Hand member Gavrilo Princip

7 The Domino Effect of Alliances
Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for assassination Austria-Hungary looked to Germany for support Germany gave Austria-Hungary a “blank check” encouraging war with Serbia Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an ultimatum, which Serbia partially accepted Not satisfied, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on July 28, 1914

8 The Domino Effect of Alliances
Russia pledged to support Serbia, began to mobilize on July 30, 1914 Threatened by Russian mobilization, Germany declared war on Russia on August 1, 1914 France pledged to support its ally Russia, began to mobilize Threatened by French mobilization, Germany declared war on France on August 3, 1914 and activated Schlieffen Plan

9 The Schlieffen Plan If Germany had to fight a two-front war, Germany would attack France then Russia Germany wanted to pass through Belgium Belgium was a neutral territory

10 The Domino Effect of Alliances
Britain had a long-standing alliance with Belgium and declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914 EUROPE WAS AT WAR!

11 New Alliances Formed Allied Powers: Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire

12 Boyz in da Hood: A Gangsta Metaphor for World War I
Read along as I read it aloud. Identify sentences from the story that show examples of the MAIN causes of World War I. For each sentence you find, underline it and number it with the corresponding number on the table. Give an explanation of why the sentence relates to the cause you chose.

13 How did one assassination spark WWI?
The assassination of the Archduke triggered a chain of events which moved the world into war. In your groups, analyze the news headings. Each news heading represents the stages of how each country entered the war. Place the news headings in the correct order. Once all of the headings are in the correct order, glue them to your paper. You will have 6 minutes 58 seconds. GO!

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