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Quality and Social Responsibility: Achieving Sustainable Results.

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1 Quality and Social Responsibility: Achieving Sustainable Results

2 About the Presenter Dick Gould ASQ Fellow DAC Social Responsibility Liaison Past member - ASQ Board of Directors

3 Why should the quality professional care about social responsibility?

4 What Is Social Responsibility? People and organizations –Ethical behavior –Having sensitivity toward: social cultural economic environmental issues

5 Why Be Socially Responsible? Consumers demand it Makes good business sense Produces bottom line results Builds a stronger brand

6 Why Be Socially Responsible (cont.) Stakeholders seek transparency World of instant information Government is getting involved Financial benefits

7 What is the connection between quality and social responsibility?

8 The Basic Relevance of SR to Quality Total Quality Management: 1. Addresses all areas of an organization; 2. Emphasizes customer satisfaction; 3. Uses continuous improvement methods and tools The Quality Toolbox 2005


10 2011 ASQ Future of Quality Study 1.Global responsibility 2.Consumer awareness 3.Globalization 4.The increasing rate of change 5.The workforce of the future 6.An aging population 7.21 century quality 8.Innovation

11 The Quality Connection Evolution of Social Responsibility

12 The Quality Connection Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria –Procedures for compliance with safety, health, and environmental standards –Mechanisms of corporate support of quality assurance activities outside the company –Governance accountability

13 One Standard for All ISO 26000 –Implementation will be voluntary –Guidance will help define social responsibility ASQ administers the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Social Responsibility

14 ISO 26000 Assist organizations in addressing SR Provide practical guidance Emphasize performance results and improvement Increase confidence and satisfaction among customers and stakeholders Maintain consistency

15 ISO 26000 ISO 26000 is a guidance standard and not one that an organization becomes certified to, like ISO 9000 or 14000.

16 Quality Triple Bottom Line

17 Quality Tools Quality professionals have the tools to improve social responsibility results –Baldrige Criteria –Lean methods –Six Sigma

18 Baldrige Criteria Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria

19 Lean Methods Lean manufacturing principles: –Eliminate non-value-adding activities –Eliminate waste from the business Lean enterprise principles: –Extend concepts through entire value stream or supply chain

20 Six Sigma Defect prevention vs defect detection –Customer satisfaction and bottom-line results –Apply anywhere that variation and waste exist –Apply for innovation and improved customer satisfaction

21 Bottom Line Quality + Social Responsibility = Competitive Advantage

22 ASQ’s SR Efforts What is ASQ doing to promote SR?

23 ASQ Social Responsibility Response The –Global community and online “town square” for sharing information and building an SR body of knowledge –Helps the world understand how SR and quality can achieve sustainable results –Provides an access point to ASQ for the SR professional

24 Social Responsibility Response (cont.) Pathways to Social Responsibility –Successful Practices for Sustaining the Future Spencer Hutchens Social Responsibility Medal –Recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership as an advocate for social responsibility

25 Social Responsibility Response (cont.)

26 More Information American Society for Quality The SRO* (Coming May 2013!) Quality for Life

27 Questions?

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