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Hard vs. Soft Selling When to Pitch and When to Seduce

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1 Hard vs. Soft Selling When to Pitch and When to Seduce
Sources: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass Why Business People Speak Like Idiots by Brian Fugere

2 The Hard Sell Examples (can use direct or indirect organization)
Direct mail/spam Telemarketers QVC

3 The Hard Sell Aggressive (one-way communication, command language)
Inflated claims, (miracle cure, best-in-class, best-kept secret) Dwells on positive (spin) Sense of urgency (“Buy now!”) Obvious

4 The Hard Sell Pros Easy formula Mass produce-able
No need for audience input Works often enough to offset cost (in some situations) Cons Erodes trust Boring, predictable Low audience connection High rejection rate Hard to differentiate

5 Communication Matters Discussion
The Art of Persuasion The author comments “It’s about relationships.” How do you create a relationship with your audience in a short speech?

6 The Soft Sell Examples Best Commercial in Europe Super bowl 2008
The Interview Hank the Clydesdale Bridgestone Thrillicious Movie: The Italian Job

7 The Soft Sell Low-key, low urgency Assertive, confident
Audience focused/tailored Direct or indirect organization Listening, asking questions Solving problems, meeting needs

8 The Soft Sell Substantiates claims (more show, less tell)
Demonstrates respect and trust Listens to audience needs/concerns/objections Allows audience to come to their own conclusions, doesn’t force-feed More direct with negative information, no spin

9 The Soft Sell: Key Component
Seduction Interesting Entertaining Piques curiosity Relevant Vivid Compelling Insidious Evokes positive images/emotions

10 The Soft Sell Pros: Relationship building High % success Cons:
Trust/credibility Respect/likeability High % success Cons: Requires seller with higher level of inter-personal skills and EQ Requires more time and effort from seller Pre sale research During sale listening, probing, adapting

11 Why Seduction? People hate to be sold to, but love to buy
The less you seem to be selling, the better People like an idea better when they think its their own Reality check: business is usually boring Make it interesting and attract success and followers Use relevant stories, personal commentary, unique/creative approaches

12 Power of Seduction ‘Victims’ are willing and happy
Rarely resent manipulation because of perceived gain/pleasure

13 Hard Sell and Soft Sell Choose Hard Sell When Choose Soft Sell When
Product is temporary, limited/one-time use Seller is temporary (door-to-door, tele-marketer, con) Buyer is temporary (tourist, newcomer, inexperienced) Sense of crisis Supply exceeds demand (surplus) Choose Soft Sell When Product has repeated use Seller is permanent Buyer is stable/familiar No crisis or urgency Established corporation, name-brand Demand exceeds supply (shortage) Conditioning propaganda (image/opinion building)

14 Selling to One/Few Hard Sell Talk Tell Sell Pitch Leave Soft Sell
Listen Ask Solve Probe Close

15 Soft Selling to One/Few
For more information: Why Business People Speak Like Idiots by Brian Fugere Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass

16 Seduction of the Masses
Goals influence, votes, attention Degree of tension more diffuse and soft Method constant/repeated titillation to fascinate with what you’re offering

17 Selling to the Masses Direct Sell vs. Seduction/Soft Sell
Direct Sell Candidate State your case strongly, directly Provide details (talents, ideas, contrast to alternative) with expert corroboration Tout achievements, results, Induce fear (don’t ignore me) Aggressive  resistance, distrust, grating/irritating Seduction/Soft Sell Candidate Bring pleasure, create a + atmosphere around name Never seem to be selling, let entertainment take center stage (e.g. elixir sales, 17th century) Focus on selling lifestyle, mood, adventure, hipness, rebellion (not self) Attributive  good feelings, trust rubs off from message to you

18 Discussion High school office elections Hard sell candidate examples?
Soft sell candidate examples?

19 Seduction of the Masses Key Components
Appear as news, never as publicity Stir basic emotions Make the medium the message Speak the target’s language – be chummy Start a chain reaction – everyone’s doing it Tell people who they are Source: Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

20 Appear as News Don’t make first appearance in an ad
Manufacture an event or attention-getting situation  media picks up as news Orchestrate carefully, create dramatic impact Conceal real purpose (selling self) at all costs Increases credibility Increases differentiation/visibility Hold attention long enough to hook them (controversy, scandal, etc) Toyota Parks Itself

21 Stir Basic Emotions Never use rational, direct argument
Aim for the heart, not the head Design words, images  lust, safety, patriotism, values Insinuate your true message Surround yourself with emotional magnets (war heroes, children, saints, small animals) Bring emotionally positive associations to mind Never leave creation/definition of associations to chance Video: Music Man

22 Make the Medium the Message
Pay more attention to form than content Images are more seductive than words Images retained longer Create a hypnotic effect  make people feel happy, sad More distracted people are by visual cues, the harder it is for them to see your manipulation Example: Political Campaign Commercials

23 Speak the Target’s Language
Seem equal, on intimate terms, one of the folks, a friend Show you understand them, share their spirit, language To earn trust - use selective honesty, strategic weakness Complicated words/ideas, too many stats  fatal Avoid appearing superior, smug (but make competitors appear) Carmine Gallo: Command a Room

24 Start a Chain Reaction People desired by others are more seductive
Act as if you have already excited crowds, and are vanguard of a new trend, lifestyle Spread your image so it appears everywhere Create a viral effect, no one wants to be left out Act like a trend to become one Easiest and most seductiveway to sell

25 Tell People Who They Are
Do not argue ideas  increased resistance Change identity, perception of reality Create an image they will want to assume Make them dissatisfied with current status Change their perception of the world outside them Use as many media as possible to create a total environment for their perceptions Make your image part of the atmosphere

26 Soft Selling: Ethical Issues
Lack of clarity Lack of objectivity Lack of truth?

27 Soft Sell Speech Assignment Instructions Disney DVD
Example student presentations

28 The End

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