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Developing Business Practice – 302LON Overview of the Work Experience Module Unit: 9.

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1 Developing Business Practice – 302LON Overview of the Work Experience Module Unit: 9

2 By the end of the sessions students will: Review the employability skills that current UK employer’s value Gain an overview of their work experience module and its benefits Be aware of the standards and activities required to participate in the module Module Learning Outcomes

3 About Employability Module options Benefits of this module Employers Support Your preparation & standards Your assessment

4 A set of attributes, skills and knowledge that all labour market participants should possess to ensure they have the capability of being effective in the workplace – to the benefit of themselves, their employer and the wider economy. CBI – Future Fit (2009) Employability

5 77% of employers say Employability skills are the most important factor when recruiting graduates 46% dissatisfied with graduates’ business and customer awareness 26% unhappy with graduates’ time management skills 24% unhappy with graduates’ problem solving skills CBI/EDI – Ready to Grow (2010) Employability & Employers

6 Working in pairs with the person next to you, identify and discuss the skills you think employers have highlighted as key Employability skills. Be prepared to share your thoughts with the class Pairs Exercise

7 Self-management Team working Business and customer awareness Problem solving Communication and literacy Numeracy Application of information CBI Future Fit (2009) Employability Skills

8 Workplace – onsite with an employer Work based – online work based simulation project Within term 3 Starts Monday 16 th May 2011 to Friday 17 th June 2011 1 week preparation 2 weeks work experience 2 weeks reflection and presentations Module Options

9 As a group - identify and discuss the benefits of completing a workplace or work based project. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts with the class Benefits

10 Helps develop your employability skills Enhances your CV Helps ease your transition into the business world Provides you with a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to understand how a business works Demonstrates your interest in a sector or type of work Increases your networking opportunities Helps develop your research & business writing skills Benefits

11 Range of ‘blue-chip’, City based employers, including: Consultancy Legal Investment/Finance Technology Not-for-Profit Government Agency Based in London or the South East Employers who are participating

12 During this module you will receive support from a number of areas: Online via Moodle Host Employer Mentor Employability Team Academic Tutor Additional Workshops in term 2 Preparing a winning CV Interview Preparation Interview Techniques & Performance Available Support

13 Successful completion of all Top-Up course modules – confirmed by Academic Tutor Preparation and participation in all seminars, group activity, class discussions/debates – confirmed by Academic Tutor At least 80% module attendance – confirmed by Academic Tutor/Student Services Required Standards

14 In addition students must ensure that from their DBP programme modules they: Create a ‘work ready’ CV (MS Word or PDF) Create a ‘work ready’ job search/work placement cover letter (MS Word) Successfully complete at least one assessed Group Presentation during their studies In term 2 - attend a Health & Safety Workshop (mandatory for workplace project only) Required Student Activity

15 Your personal SWOT Review of Skills Assessment Matrix Completion of a Learning Agreement & Plan with SMART objectives (Agreed by the student, host employer and tutor) Set-up workplace log/activity diary All available on the Moodle module Required Preparation for a workplace project

16 Work with your tutor for an introduction to the online Business Simulation Project Review and set your SMART objectives for your work SWOT & skills self assessment to identify any additional needs Set up an log/activity diary All available on the Moodle module Required Preparation for a work based project

17 Student decides on their preferred module option Tutor reviews required standards to confirm eligibility Student undertakes all required activity (CV etc) Student undertakes all required preparation (SWOT etc) Student is assigned a work placement or an online business simulation project Student completes 2 weeks work project Student reviews experience, prepares assignment & presents to peers & tutor The Process

18 Assessment Criteria Project Report60% Reflective Diary40% Employer feedback Tutor and peer feedback (presentations) Assessment criteria on Moodle Assessment of work experience module

19 Look out for the module on Moodle – arriving in Jan 2011 Ensure you familiarise yourself with key deadline dates Review and respond to email updates and announcements from Moodle to your university email Attend required/requested workshops – booked via Moodle Any questions & queries contact Next Steps


21 Working in groups, discuss ALL the activity, planning or preparation you need to do to prepare for your work experience module. In addition, highlight anything you SHOULD NOT do before or during your work experience. Choose 2 group members to present your thoughts and findings to the class using the flip chart. Group Exercise

22 Personal profile/hello Current CV Set-up a placement log/diary Plan travel Carry out personal SWOT Work Experience Web research on the company Learning plan & objectives Personal presentation & dress Develop a list of questions linked to your assignment Important contact numbers Planning & Preparation

23 DO NOT... Take time off/breaks/turn up late (without agreement from employer) Spend time on social networking sites/your mobile Ask for a job/money Use office equipment/facilities with out permission DO... Behave professionally at all times Treat everyone equally regardless of race, age, position Ask relevant questions – think before you speak Ask for work/tasks if you are not busy – use your initiative Show interest enthusiasm Network & build relationships – be friendly & receptive but not pushy Be realistic – you won’t get to see/do everything!

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