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The Middle and Southern Colonies

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1 The Middle and Southern Colonies
3.3 & 3.4 The Middle and Southern Colonies

2 Maryland Became home to Catholics from England who could not worship as they wanted in England Named after Charles I wife Henrietta Maria A proprietary colony (owners of the charter controlled it Lord Baltimore (George Calvert & Cecilius Calvert) Focused upon agriculture (like Jamestown); later on tobacco Soon Protestants came to Maryland (conflict) Led to the Toleration Act of 1649 (made restricting religious rights of Christians a crime) Allowed some toleration for religious groups

3 North and South Carolina (proprietary colonies)
Settled by friends of Charles II after he restored the monarchy in England Originally one big territory, split into North and South in 1729 North Carolina poor, few plantations, few settlements South Carolina (founded port of Charles Town) Colonists paid their way over in exchange for tracts of land (Caribbean colonists brought slaves with them) Farming tough at first due to climate (lowlands) Rice became the first important crop Slaves needed to for rice production Out numbered whites 2 to 1 Became a royal colony in 1729

4 New York and New Jersey New York (royal colony)
Area of New Netherlands (led by Peter Stuyvesant) Center of fur trade; Stuyvesant like a dictator and did what he wanted Increased land by capturing Swedish fort and increase land England took over New Netherlands in 1664 by using its navy led by the Duke of York (not a shot fired) New Jersey (proprietary colony) Duke of York granted lands to George Carteret and John Berkeley A diverse population of Dutch, Swedes, Finns, and Scots

5 Pennsylvania Founded by William Penn (Quaker)
Quakers believed that all people could be saved; rejected formal religious practices; believed in equality of the sexes, religious tolerance; nonviolence This led to persecution in England and America William Penn (a Quaker) unhappy with leaders in New Jersey and wanted his own colony (went to King Charles II who owed Penn’s father money; agreed to pay off debt by granting a charter) Attracted Welsh, Irish, & Germans Philadelphia was the capital Greek work from Philos (love) & adelphos (brother)

6 Georgia 1732 by King George II to James Oglethorpe
A debtors/penal colony and a buffer to Spanish Florida Oglethorpe wanted Georgia to be different from other southern colonies Outlawed slavery Land grants of no more than 500 acres Free passage to Georgia and gave them food and cattle Settlers became unhappy with strict rules under Oglethorpe Wanted to develop large plantations and liquor/rum 1752 charter given up and became a royal colony Restrictions lifted and rice plantations (slavery grew)

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