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3.2 Creating and Ratifying the Constitution

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1 3.2 Creating and Ratifying the Constitution

2 Government w/3 branches
New Jersey Plan Virginia Plan 3 branches of government Government w/3 branches One house legislature Legislative-makes laws Each state had one vote Executive Branch-carries out laws Made states equal in power Constitutional Compromise Judicial branch-system of courts to interpret & apply the laws Smaller states happy,larger states unhappy committee proposed 2 houses Legislature divided into 2 houses Senate equal in representation Proposed by William Patterson States representation based on population House based on population Proposed by Roger Sherman of Connecticut Large states happy,small states unhappy Designed by James Madison Great Compromise

3 2. Three-fifths Compromise
– southern states wanted to count slaves as part of population - for more voting power - northern states did not want this to happen b/c they had fewer slaves - Compromise - every five slaves counted as three free people

4 3. Other Compromises – Trade - north wanted Congress to regulate trade
- south thought Congress would then tax exports - feared damaged economy - end of slave trade

5 - compromise - Congress could regulate trade between states and other countries, but could not tax exports or interfere w/slave trade until 1808

6 Other Compromises-voting for president
- Electoral College - some felt Congress should select president - others felt citizens should select president - Compromise - group of people selected by state legislatures to select president and vice president - still used today except voters choose electors

7 4. ratifying the Constitution
– 9/17/1787 - Gouverneur Morris headed a committee to write the Constitution - each state needed a ratifying convention to vote - 9 out of 13 would make the Constitution the “Supreme Law of the Land”

8 5. Support – Federalists supported the Constitution and the idea of Federalism - flaws w/Articles of Confederation - need for a stronger national government - Series of papers called The Federalist defended the Constitution - Hamilton - Madison - Jay

9 6. opposition – anti-federalists against the Constitution and a strong National government - not enough power for states - no bill of rights

10 7. agreement – Bill of Rights was added
- 1st Ten Amendments to the Constitution

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