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Poetry Review. LimerickCinquainDiamanteHaiku Free Verse.

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1 Poetry Review

2 LimerickCinquainDiamanteHaiku Free Verse

3 Limerick There was an old man from Peru, who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He awoke in the night with a terrible fright, and found out that it was quite true.

4 Limerick Did you see/hear the rhyme pattern? Lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme. Lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 may or may not rhyme.

5 Limerick Remember that the rhythm is just as important in a limerick as the rhyme. Try completing this limerick. There once was a pauper named Meg Who accidentally broke her _______. She slipped on the ______. Not once, but thrice Take no pity on her, I __________.

6 Limerick What else do you notice about limericks? They’re meant to be funny!

7 Cinquains A cinquain is a five- line poem that describes a person, place, or thing. dessert a one-word title, a noun cold, creamy two adjectives eating, giggling, licking three -ing participles cone with three scoops a phrase Ice cream a synonym for your title, another noun

8 Cinquains puppy ornery, naughty growling, jumping, chewing a playful bundle of trouble Boxer

9 Cinquains Title of Poem Author's Name _________________ _____________, ___________ _______________, ______________, _______________ __________________________________ __________________. __________________

10 Diamante Diamond-shaped poems with 7 lines Winter Rainy, cold Skiing, skating, sledding Mountains, wind, breeze, ocean Swimming, surfing, scuba diving Sunny, hot Summer - What is the relationship between the first and last lines? -What is the "middle" of the poem, and how can you tell? -What is the "middle" of the poem, and how can you tell?

11 Diamante WinterNoun Rainy, cold 2 Adjectives Skiing, skating, sledding 3 “Gerunds” (verb+ing) Mountains, wind, breeze, ocean 2 nouns for topic one 2 nouns for topic two Swimming, surfing, scuba diving 3 “Gerunds” (verb+ing) For topic two. Sunny, hot 2 adjectives for topic two Summer Noun- topic two

12 Diamante Partner Share: 30 seconds What is the purpose of a diamante? Answer: to compare!

13 Haiku short poems that usually describe nature or a moment in time; they often contain a reference to a season of the year often have a total of 17 syllables and usually have three lines 1.The first line has five syllables, 2.The second line has seven syllables, 3.The third line has five syllables.

14 Haiku Old pond Old pond A frog leaps in A frog leaps in The sound of water. Line one sets the stage, Line two tells more about it. Line three is the heart.

15 Haiku The Rose The red blossom bends and drips its dew to the ground. Like a tear it falls. Count the syllables. How many are there? 17 How many lines are there? 3

16 Free Verse  Free to write whatever you’d like!  You choose the topic!  It is written without proper rules about form, rhyme, rhythm, meter, etc.

17 Free Verse Fog by Carl Sandburg The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. -Does it rhyme? -Is there any pattern?

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