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Student Learning Objectives

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1 Student Learning Objectives
Circleville’s SLO Journey Prepared by Jonathan Kuehnle, TIF Coordinator Presented September 2012

2 We’re doing S.L.O.s so we’re not S.O.L.!
Why? We’re doing S.L.O.s so we’re not S.O.L.! In a word…OTES. We are required to do SLOs (or other Student-Growth Measures) in

3 Win-Win-Win: A great opportunity
Thanks to OTIF, in , we are held harmless to experiment with and phase-in SLOs. If we miss our targets, there is no penalty. If we make our targets, performance-based, strategic-compensation payouts are awarded. Either way, we are better prepared for the real deal in

4 SLOs incentivized in Goal #2 of our Local Award Model
Circleville’s Plan SLOs incentivized in Goal #2 of our Local Award Model Why? SLOs build capability through Professional Development (PD)—this is the focus of Goal #2. Metrics—Teachers must design, develop and implement two (2) SLOs per all guidelines.

5 Circleville’s Plan, Continued
SLOs incentivized in Goal #2 of our Local Award Model Focus—All teachers are eligible; we target non-VA teachers b/c they currently have nothing to populate the Student- Growth side of OTES. VA teachers do. Award—non-VA teachers: $ VA teachers: $

6 Summer Support Austin SLO Study Trip ODE/OTIF Mini-Grant
Circleville’s #1 takeaway: SLO Excel template. #2: We’re not in this alone; many shared experiences. ODE/OTIF Mini-Grant Collaborative consortium with OTIF partner schools. Used ODE guidance to design and develop locally based team and individual SLOs.

7 State of Implementation
Circleville’s local SLO team is leading PD for teachers throughout the month of September. Replicate summer process & share Excel template.

8 Monitoring the Work Circleville teachers’ primary concern: Accountability. Use existing processes and protocols to support the work. Teachers are already overloaded—don’t add new food to a full plate!

9 Monitoring the Work—How?
OIPDLTBLTTBT with 5-Step Process & FIP. We are required to do this work anyway. TIF is a nice “extra”. The process works. CCS added 7 LRC Indicators after 1 year of implementation ( : 17/26 and : 24/26). Collaborative support and collegial accountability. 1 Team SLO and 1 Individual SLO help everyone work toward the same goal. It focuses the work.

10 Monitoring the Work—How?
CCS Teacher Evaluation Danielson framework—already aligned with OTES. Use SLOs in the goal-setting section. Credentialed Evaluator and OTES accountability.

11 I Wanna See the Spreadsheet!
Formula: Required Growth = (100 – BOY Score)/2. Result is added to the BOY score to set each individual student’s target. Example: If a student earns a 66 on the BOY test, then (100-66)/2=1717+66=83EOY target for this student is 83. AISD teachers like it b/c it’s simple (“No Tiers” formula), it auto- calculates, and it sets a specific target for each student at all levels.

12 Circleville City Schools TIF Coordinator, Etc.
Thank You & Good Luck! Contact Information Jonathan Kuehnle Circleville City Schools TIF Coordinator, Etc.

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