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Where’s My Shuttle? (.com) By David Mora and Matt Russell.

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1 Where’s My Shuttle? (.com) By David Mora and Matt Russell

2 Purpose To provide users with real-time access to their shuttle’s location and estimated time of arrival. Assess interest in GPS Location-based services at Princeton University for campus Shuttles Design a basic implementation of a GPS Location-based service for Princeton users.

3 Our Service and Implementation Implementation  GPS hardware on all buses  Route programming  User interface through website  Possible screens at stops, displaying buses in route as well as messaging capacity Route Manger  All shuttle routes monitored by manager  Aware of road conditions for driver safety

4 Research Results Found significant interest at Princeton  Kim Jackson - Director of Transportation - leading effort  Hoping to get a similar system in place as early as next semester Rutgers assistant director of transportation - John Karakoglou  Already implement this type of system through

5 Major Competitor  Multiple routes in 19 states and Ontario Canada  Pitched to Princeton 2 years ago  Offers GPS installation in buses  Digital Signs at Stops

6 Costs of System GPS installation  $2000 for device installation  $200-$300 for installation labor  $1000 travel fee  $3000 to set up each route  $500 for manager training  $80 monthly service fee per bus Screen System  $3400 for each screen  $80 monthly service fee per screen

7 Rutgers University Largest Campus Transportation system the country  7 miles of routes and 70,000 users  7 million dollar budget  43 buses and 10 routes  Implementation cost of 100,000

8 Estimated Cost at Princeton 3 Routes - $3,000/Route 7 Shuttles - $200+$2,000/Shuttle, $80/Shuttle/Month $1,000 Travel Fee $500 Management Training Fee Total Cost: $25,900 set up + $6,720/year subscription

9 Long Term Goals Toward Earning Greater Profits User Subscription Fee  20 dollar fee at Rutgers could generate 1.4 million dollars in yearly income  Providing a percentage of this fee to shuttle service providers  Expands our business  Allows us to raise subscription and installation fees Research is needed to assess market  Use price discrimination

10 Beyond Princeton Campus Campus Transportation Systems Trains, Subways, and Public Buses PDA and Smartphone  Access to more affluent market Improve car GPS Systems Cab Services

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