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Writing a Memoir/Personal Narrative Ms. Morales 2014.

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1 Writing a Memoir/Personal Narrative Ms. Morales 2014

2 Writing a Memoir/Personal Narrative Remember: The writer of a memoir makes a pact with her reader that what she writes is the truth as best she can tell it. But the original pact, the real deal, is with herself. Be honest, dig deep, or don't bother.

3 What does this cartoon mean? Which one would you pick up?

4 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MEMOIR: It focuses and reflects on the relationship between the writer and a particular person, place, animal, or object. It explains the significance of the relationship. It leaves the reader with one impression of the subject of the memoir. It is limited to a particular phase, time period, place, or recurring behavior in order to develop the focus fully. It makes the subject of the memoir come alive. It maintains a first person point of view.

5 Review: 6 Writing Traits Idea Development Organization Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency Conventions

6 Brainstorming Remember. We all have a story worth telling. In your journal make a list of people, pets, objects, or places that are very meaningful to you. We will compile a list together and share anecdotes. Is this subject (person, place, thing, animal) really important to me now or in the past?

7 Choosing the topic Is this subject (person, place, thing, animal) really important to me now or in the past? Do I have strong feelings about this subject? Do I have stories to tell about myself and this subject? Will I enjoy writing about this? Is the experience you are using to express your connection memorable?

8 Introduction -The hook -The event/ memory -The relationship with a person, place, thing, or animal -The Universal Truth

9 Body Paragraph/s (Do this for every body paragraph) -Topic Sentence/Phrase -Detail 1 -Detail 2 -Detail 3

10 Conclusion -Restatement of topic sentences in the body of the essay. -Closure/Restate something from intro (connection)

11 Writing Diamond – To Help You Write Your Story!!! 1. Introductory Hook 2. Set the scene 3. Main problem is introduced 4. Climax/ Main Event/ Turning Point 5. Solution/ Theme or Moral is Learned 6. Clincher, tie it to the hook

12 Questions to ask… Who is the story about? What is the relationship between the subject and the writer? What is the writer’s purpose? In other words, what does the writer want you to know about this relationship? What is the one impression that the writer wants you to have about his/her subject? How does the writer show you how important his/her subject is in the piece? Through his/her thoughts? Through his/her feelings about the subject? Through the details and description? Does he/she share memories of experiences or events that he/she shared with the person? Where is this person now? What are the writer’s thoughts or feelings about this person now? (These are his/her insights.)

13 YOUR ASSIGNMENT Compose a Memoir All memoirs should relate to one Universal Truth (theme) you’ve learned in your life so far, and the topics should be real and heartfelt. Your memoir must have a catchy title. The memoir must be typed, double-spaced, in 12pt. font only. The minimum length requirement is 2 pages. You must staple your final draft, your rough draft, your planning sheet, and the rubric I gave you in class. Everything must be stapled in that order. The completed project is due Monday, October 13th. You will not be allowed to print in my class the day it is due! You will be graded based on the rubric given and the style requirements.

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