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2 Plan Introduction Goals of WP4 State of Art Quizz Conclusion and future Works 2

3 Introduction: BATTERIE  Better – Accessible - Transport – To – Encourage – Robust – Intermodal – Enterprise  Goals : Optimization in terms of  Reduce travel time  Improve interoperability  Improve interconnectivity  Reduce CO2 emission

4 WP4 Goals WP4 : Addressing Intermodality Passenger intermodality is a policy and planning principle that aims to provide a passenger using different modes of transport in a combined trip chain with a seamless journey. Intermodality can be seen as a characteristic of a transport system, that allows at least two different modes to be used in an integrated manner in a door- to-door transport chain. 4

5 Intermodality parameters Interconnectivity Interoperability Ticketing Smart Technologies Smart Fuels 5

6 State of art Investigations in Normandy Investigations in France Investigations in Europe 6

7 Intermodality in Normandy

8 Road Infrastructures The region include:  337 km of Highway Road East-West connection: A13 and A14 North-South connection : A28 and A29  807 km of National Road  10 052 km of Regional Road 8

9 Public transport Infrastructures The region include 15 regional authorities organizing urban transport  7 areas with a specific policy organization  8 towns 9

10 Bike infrastructures There are no roads exclusively dedicated for bikes 10

11 Rail infrastructures 11 A main line : Paris-Rouen-Le Havre 4 secondary lines with a high traffic:  Rouen-Dieppe  Rouen-Abancourt  Bréauté-Fécamp  Le Havre-Rolleville

12 Aviation Infrastructure Airports and Airfields 12

13 Marine Infrastructures Cargo and Ferries Rouen (2010)  26 Mt of goods  9 Mt of cereals  39,330 passengers Dieppe (2011)  0.37 Mt of goods  3.5Mt fishing  258,342 passengers Le Havre (2011)  68 Mt of goods  365 000 cars  537 000 passengers 13

14 Projects in France 14

15 Port-Vert in Normandy Project Port-Vert is a project based on intermodality transport between bicycle network and public transport network Project Objectives :  Define a complete mapping of intermodal bike-public transport network From  A multiscale and interactive articulated with cyclists requirements in “folding back on public transports”  The definition of an interactive mapping with several functionalities,  Realization of a demonstrator on the selected site: collection of the data, definition of a corpus of principles of visualization and implementation itransports is a innovative solution of cartographic navigation multi- Networks, multimodal, multi-scales on line since June 2006, developed with the support of the Ministry for Transport, Oséo-Anvar and ADEME, Innovation prize on Transport 2006 15

16 OptiMod Project : Lyon Optimod'Lyon: improve the mobility of people and goods Optimod'Lyon test and validate new services to improve mobility of people, passengers and goods in the urban environment, optimizing and combining the use of transport infrastructure. A strategy that incorporates three key elements  an integrated passenger transport and urban freight, especially with optimized management of public space  development of services based on ITS, based on: the major transport infrastructure of the Lyon the many available and reliable data in real time, which is quite unique in France;  development of innovation policy in partnership with the private sector making it possible for companies to develop innovative services for individuals and professionals 16

17 New LGV (Tours-Angoulème-Bordeaux-Bayonne) Interconnectivity and interoperability (saving time and increasing frequency) Sustainable Development and modal shift Intermodality between TGV and other transport Consistency of the rail network  Connect the Atlantic coast of France to the Iberian Peninsula  Increase in demand for passenger transport  Alternative to road freight traffic which is of concern to the regions through 17

18 New LGV (Tours-Angoulème-Bordeaux-Bayonne-Spain) 18

19 European Projects 19

20 Link Forum : Statistics 20

21 Interface Project : Interreg A INTERFACE : Intermodal Passenger Transport Solutions for the South Baltic Sea Region Optimization evident in interface regions (transport nodes) Shortcomings in whole South Baltic Area  Weak transport means linking ports with city centers in the hinterland  Lack of intermodal & cross border interoperability  Uncoordinated services and passenger information  Weak passenger guidance  Low service quality inside ports / terminals 21

22 Our Approach Intermodality, Interconnectivity, Interoperability etc. 22 CityRegionNational Internat ional

23 Our Focus Cities and Regions analyzed only in partners' area Select some nodes in city and in region Select some nodes for national and international connections’ 23

24 Our Focus 24 Local City especially in partners‘ Area Bus, Taxi, Car, Bike, …. Region In Partners’ Area Same + Train etc. National /Internat ional Define some Virtuals Nodes Same + Boats + Planes Region In Partners’ Area Local City especially in partners‘ Area

25 First Results’ Quiz in Normandy Analysis based on two levels  Physical Networks : Public transport Networks  Data Networks : Information Systems’ Create a single DATABASE ?  Data Update and Data mining  We must use data from our local partners’ (SNCF, Veolia, Tcar, etc.) How to calculate CO2 impact? Which parameters’? Etc. 25

26 Conclusion and Outcomes In Normandy, we hope to complete Analysis of interoperability 26

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