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WITSML Update Presentation to Energistics Regional Meeting, London

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1 WITSML Update Presentation to Energistics Regional Meeting, London
By: Julian Pickering, Deputy Chairman, WITSML Executive Team June 31, 2011

2 Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language
“The ‘right-time’ seamless flow of well-site data between operators and service companies to speed and enhance decision-making” An Open Information Transfer Standard for the Oilfield TWO KEY PHRASES Not just Right Time ….also Right Data to the Right People Enhance Decision Making – save time and money drilling wells ….Open…Free

3 WITSML SIG: Member Companies
Accenture AspenTech Atman Consulting Baker Hughes BJ Services BP Chevron US DOI Digital Oilfield Sol. DrillScan Dynamic Graphics ExxonMobil Geolog SPA Geoservices Halliburton HRH Limited IBM IDS Institut Francais du Petrole INT Kongsberg LIOS Technology Mahindra Satyam Merrick Systems Microsoft Moblize National Oilwell Varco Oil Teams S.R.L. ONGC OpenSpirit Paradigm Pason Peloton Perfomix Petris Technology Petrolink Pioneer Natural Res. Roxar RPS Group Saudi Aramco Schlumberger SDC Geologix SMT Shell Smith (now Schlumberger) Statoil TCS Total Weatherford Wellstorm Woodside Energy

4 Why is WITSML important?
is the result of an industry collaboration to update the widely used American Petroleum Institute WITS standard for moving drilling data between rig and office based computer systems. It provides data in a consistent XML format which is independent of service company systems and geographic location. It underpins the key objective to achieve leading edge productivity in well delivery by providing enhanced real-time information sharing. It facilitates standardisation in collaboration environments. It provides a framework for smart tools deployment.

5 WITSML Roadmap Planning
2011(1.4.1) stimJob object Error model Support for plug-and-play 2014 Focus on plug and play including support for automation “Tiered” usage (high end/low end) Major release - not backward compatible 2017 More automation New use/new data

6 WITSML Data Object Schemas (XML)
General Well Message Operations Report Real Time Wellbore Wellbore Geometry Risk stimJob fracturing report Communication Subscription Server Capabilities Coordinate Ref Sys Drill Report Attachment Rig Instrumentation Rig / Rig Equipment Cement Job Fluids Systems Fluids Report Surface Logging Mud Log Surveying Survey Program Target Trajectory Coring Sidewall Core Conventional Core RICHNESS Expand…. Log, trajectory, well, wellbore Operations Report Well log Directional Drilling Systems Tubular / Bit Record BHA Run Logging While Drilling Log  Well Log (includes Wireline) Formation Marker Original Updated Added Source: BakerHughes/Paradigm

7 2011 Release – 1.4.1 June 30 – Candidate Release for public review
September 23 – Published Marketing name = WITSML 2 Product launch IADC Annual Conference March 2012 (San Diego, CA, US) Intelligent Energy – March 2012 (Utrecht, The Netherlands) 1.4.1 Product Certification More robust testing Testing application to automate Publically available test data Commercial terms (particularly for non-members to be defined) Bug fixes to be issued as necessary New object process to continue development as industry requirements are identified and defined beyond 1.4.1

8 Reasons to Upgrade to v1.4.1 Simpler
The WellLog and RealTime objects have been removed with the important parts of their purpose being taken up by support in the Log object.  More efficient Compression.  The WITSML standard supports HTTP and Gzip compression resulting in less on-wire data for the same information. Query Optimizations. High frequency small row count data updates for Logs had a high overhead of Log header to data block ratio in 1.3.1; This has been greatly improved with support for headerless Log updates. Change Logs. The introduction of Change Logs enables clients to query servers more efficiently. Less ambiguous Improved documentation of the WITSML API. WITSML Certification. Unlike WITSML which had a weak and self-certified approach, servers can be tested against a published set of standard query sequences on a defined set of data and the results compared against pre-defined results enabling vendors to prove conformance to the WITSML standard.

9 Cross-theme components
Foundation for all development Regulatory Security New data Certification Data quality/provenance/context Data management - life cycle data use Horizontal integration to data standards in drilling or other domains Technology overlay - new API, binary API, etc.

10 IADC 2011 WITSML Stand Functional Layout

11 IADC 2011 WITSML Stand Data Exchange
Real-time Visualisation Schlumberger Perform Toolkit Geologix Geo Toolkit MSE Data GEO Data Rig Data Store OnshoreStore Office Store IDS Operations Report Real-time Visualisation


13 The future is data standards – Questions?

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