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Scientific Method -series of steps used to conduct an experiment.

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1 Scientific Method -series of steps used to conduct an experiment

2 Purpose- what do you want to learn always state as a question ex. How does fertilizer effect a plant’s growth?

3 Research- find out as much about your topic as you can this includes background knowledge you already have

4 Hypothesis- predict the answer to the problem make an educated guess using an “If…Then” form ex. If you give fertilizer to a plant then it will grow taller.

5 Experiment- design & conduct a step-by-step test to confirm/disprove the hypothesis list materials

6 Analysis- record & think about what happened during the experiment this can include the following: –data table –graph (line graph or bar graph)

7 Analysis- written analysis –what happened?-ex. Fertilizer increases a plant’s growth. –explain results. Why do you think this happened?-ex. I think that the plant’s growth increased because the fertilizer has important nutrients that are not available in the soil and this helps the plant grow to its fullest.

8 Analysis- –how could you improve this lab? – ex. We spilled too much fertilizer in some of the plants and should measure more carefully next time.

9 Conclusion- one statement that tells whether your hypothesis was correct or not

10 Mnemonic Pretty----------------Purpose Red------------------Research Heads---------------Hypothesis Eat-------------------Experiment Animal--------------Analysis Crackers-----------Conclusion

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