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Statewide Evaluation Learning Network October 14, 2009 Mikala L. Rahn, Ph.D.

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1 Statewide Evaluation Learning Network October 14, 2009 Mikala L. Rahn, Ph.D

2 Who Are We? Public Works, Inc. is a nonprofit in Pasadena dedicated to working with communities, government, schools and parents by providing services and resources to educate and inform children, youth and families. Our work is in three areas: Education Reform Workforce Development Intervention/Prevention

3 Update Evaluation Parts 1)Local Evaluation Reports due: October 15, 2009 Checklist to Use 2) Federal Reporting Due date to State: October 15, 2009 3) Statewide Evaluation Completing Report Year 5 PAIF data/Attendance data Partner Survey to go out by end of October Participating Teacher Survey to go out Feb-Mar Site Visits from current cohorts in the Spring

4 Findings from Statewide Evaluation 1.Results Year 4 2.Update on Research Cohort 3.Looking for: What evidence-based outcomes from the Partnerships contribute to our understanding of how students effectively learn mathematics and science?

5 Key Features Features of the programs reviewed: Partnership driven Teacher quality Challenging courses and curricula Evidence-based design and outcomes Institutional change and sustainability

6 Evidence-Based Outcomes

7 4. Evidence-Based Design and Outcomes: Program design is informed by current research. Program outcomes should contribute to the knowledge base of teaching and learning. Through participation in the California and National MSP learning networks, programs will collectively contribute to the knowledge base on teaching and learning so that research findings and successful evidence- based strategies can be broadly disseminated to improve educational practice. Programs also link assessment (classroom, local, and state) and accountability measures to their design and outcomes.

8 Outcomes Classroom Observations Scoring Student Notebooks Transcript Analysis for higher-level course-taking Achievement Gap analysis

9 Evidence-Based Outcomes Panel Presentation Lisa Sandberg, Red Bluff Union ESD, lead LEA Nada Djordjevich, Gibson & Associates, San Francisco USD WIDE, lead LEA Tor Ormseth, El Rancho USD, lead LEA

10 Add to Your Flipchart How will you measure challenging courses and curricula? How will you measure local teacher and student-outcomes?

11 Flipchart Activity Report out by Partnership

12 Federal Reporting September 1-November 30, 2010 Block it now! Narrative, Project Profile & Local Evaluation Report Due for Cohort 4, 5, 6 and Research to CDE by October 15, 2010

13 Web-based Communication We want to post instruments, reports, etc. More technical assistance calls?

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