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February 2008 Impact of the liquidity crisis on the Russian mortgage market Omega Hatfield*

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1 February 2008 Impact of the liquidity crisis on the Russian mortgage market Omega Hatfield*

2 2 Deliberations on the “liquidity crisis” Funding limitations − Is funding the main constraint to implementation of banks’ mortgage programmes? − Can mortgages be financed during this liquidity crisis? − Are there (domestic) sources of long-term funding for the banking system? Risk management − What are the lessons regarding the importance of risk management systems? Recent discussions have focused on the immediate impact of the “liquidity crisis” on banks and their ability to continue mortgage origination … We take a different, and longer-term view …

3 3 Mortgage market fundamentals are solid … in pictures

4 4 Mortgage market fundamentals are solid … in numbers Residential housing construction Mortgage loan volumes Residential real estate price trendsMortgage loan market share, June 30 th 2007 Source: State Statistics Committee of Russia Sources: RBC Rating Source: CBR, AHML Sources:,, AHML

5 5 The bottom line for mortgages … boring is beautiful Multiple obstacles have and will impact the Russian mortgage market’s development: − Funding availability (or lack thereof) − Legal issues − Regulatory limits − Changes in conditions in real estate and borrower markets Most obstacles will resolve themselves in time, so longevity is the key in mortgage business The mortgage market of the past showed − A large number of participants (over 600) − Very high growth rates (more than 50 times since mid-2004) − Informal refinancing arrangements and limited funding back-up plans − “Bull market” outlook – which increased product complexity and lowered underwriting standards The mortgage market of the future will show − Fewer, larger, committed market participants − More modest growth rates (we forecast 30% – 40% in 2008) − Increased attention by banks to matched funding and more generous liquidity levels − Product standardisation, stronger underwriting standards We conclude that if mortgage business is conducted by banks committed long-term … market development will meet the needs of all interest groups while maintaining stability

6 6 Contact details Omega Hatfield ZAO Standard Bank Head of Research: CIS Global Markets +7 495 783 3833 Roman Luchkovsky ZAO Standard Bank Analyst. Research Global Markets +7 495 783 3847

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