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Xora StreetSmart V18 Customer Release Highlights 1 October, 2013.

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1 Xora StreetSmart V18 Customer Release Highlights 1 October, 2013

2 >NEW: Mileage Manager with Trips App An easy, powerful & flexible way to accurately track and analyze travel and associated costs >NEW: Mobile Device Insights Battery-Level Indicators and Alerts  Provides visibility of mobile device battery levels Device Status Log  Records daily events between the mobile app and the web application including device status information Worker Status Filters  The ability to filter on device communication and GPS status Key V18 Release Features 2

3 What we heard from customers: >I need an easy way to track miles >I need to track mileage and expenses associated with specific jobs/job types >I need to validate that submitted mileage expenses are correct >I need to reduce the time and cost spent collecting mileage information >I need to validate that employees are taking the most time/cost effective routes >I need to report and analyze my travel and expenses >I need to put travel data into my accounting and payroll systems Why Mileage Manager 3

4 It’s a powerful combination of mileage and cost data captured on the mobile app and visible within the web application for analysis, reporting and reimbursements. What Is Mileage Manager? 4

5 >For the Mobile Worker Start and End Trip Workflows  Enter start and end odometer mileage  Capture odometer images  Set odometer from prior trip  Categorize purpose for each trip  Add trip related expense information Trips App Key Features 5

6 >Trip History List View details of previous trips Date, start/end odometer, total mileage and expenses per trip Drill down on specific trips to see details Trips App Key Features 6

7 >For the Operations Manager New Trips Details and List Pages  Review trips on one screen –Filter by date and groups  Compare odometer, GPS and Google suggested miles along with odometer photos  View the driven and Google suggested route Mileage Manager Key Features 7

8 >For the Operations Manager Configure trip categories, purpose and reimbursement rates Satisfy IRS reporting guidelines Use highly-customizable out of the box reports Export information to accounting/payroll systems Mileage Manager Key Features 8

9 >For The Mobile Worker Easily track and view travel expenses Eliminates paper travel expense reporting Ensures accurate reimbursement Expedites reimbursement process >For the Operations Manager Simplifies employee mileage/expenses reimbursement process Provides easy access to job mileage/expense data for customer billing purposes Enables in-depth analysis of employee travel routes and submitted expenses to increase accountability Assists in satisfying IRS reporting guidelines Mileage Manager Key Benefits 9

10 What we heard from customers: >How do I know if there is an issue with the device? >How can I see the device battery levels? >How can I help my worker to best use the mobile app? >How can I troubleshoot device issues myself? >Can I get an alert if the battery level is too low? >We need to filter out (or in) workers who are not tracking Increased Mobile Device Insights 10

11 >Alerts based on battery level >Indicators viewable in Workers list Battery-Level Indicators Key Features 11 Workers List Low battery is a leading reason for the mobile app to not work

12 >Lists all communications from the mobile app >Lists device conditions that affects the proper functioning of the mobile app >Filter by device conditions and events >Summarizing quality of device communication and GPS points by session >Export to excel for analysis Device Status Log Key Features 12 Access from the Workers List by Clicking on a Workers Name

13 Device Status Log (cont..) 13 1Date and Time of the communication event 2Type of communication event. 20 events to choose from 3Count of GPS attempts and count of good GPS points captured 4Battery level at the time of communication 5Location latitude/Longitude 6 Session summary with duration and count of good/bad GPS points & successful and failed communication attempts Failed communication attempts - when device could not communicate to Web Server. GPS points >= 300meters constitute to bad GPS point

14 >20 events to help troubleshoot/analyze device activity >Events with good/bad GPS points to help identify accuracy or worker’s location issues >Display GPS upload and sync events to identify status of the app >Historical information of Airplane mode, Device power off, Restricted GPS can help identify why a device did not communicate and also track mobile worker’s app usage >Historical battery levels identify reasons for no communication. >Session summary at exit (via exit action or force kill) provides high level summary of app usage like session duration, count of good/bad GPS points & successful and failed communication attempts Device Status Log (cont..) 14

15 Worker Status Filters Key Features 15 >Now customers can filter workers by communication status from the Workers List

16 >Proactively identify device issues before they impact system performance >Enable managers to quickly troubleshoot issues on their own >Better understand and prevent points of failure, minimizing time spent with support >Recognize patterns to drive mobile worker best practices >Ability to filter on GPS/Communication status Mobile Device Insights Key Benefits 16

17 Get the inside scoop on the new Mileage Manager with Mobile Trips App as well as the new Device Status Log >Each session will be lead by a member from our customer support team and will last approximately 1 hour >The core training will be around 30 minutes leaving plenty of time for Q&A >Simply pick the date and time that works best and register for the training 17 Xora® StreetSmart™ V18 Training Schedule Register for one of our Free online training classes Training Schedule >Monday, October 14 th at 12:00 AM PST >Tuesday, October 15 th at 2:00 PM PST >Thursday, October 17 th at 7:00 AM PST >Monday, October 21 st at 11:00 AM PST >Wednesday, October 23 rd at 9:00 AM PST >Friday, October 25 th at 7:00 AM PST Click the calendar icon next to your desired date and time below to schedule the training webinar of your choice

18 >Attend a training session >View the Insiders V18 Product Preview Webinar if you missed it: >Have your employees download the V18 App The V18 Mobile App should be available in both the Apple and Google App Stores by 10/25 Visit the Devices tab on to learn more and to get instructions for non-smart phone Downloading the V18 app is the only way your employees can use the new Trips App. It’s also the only way to gain the additional mobile device insights including device battery levels and all the details on the new Device Status Log. -Note: The Trips App is not available on the ATT Locator version. Customers should contact their sales representative to upgrade. What’s Next 18

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