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Always Start With The Database Browser

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0 How DBAs Can Make The Most Of Toad® 10.0
Bert Scalzo

1 Always Start With The Database Browser
(DB Admin Module and DBA Suite) Provides DBAs with a top-down view of all their managed servers and databases with the ability to drill down to object level and perform routine tasks New for Toad 10: Launch Script Manager Execute saved scripts on-the-fly

2 Database Browser Unknown Trick – Multi-Select
How much disk space are databases ORLI10 and ORLI11 (which are on different servers but sharing a SAN or NAS disk array) using in total ???

3 Script Manager enhancements (All Editions)
Extracting important information from multiple databases using a variety of scripts can be both inefficient and very tedious. Script Manager overcomes this by enabling scripts to be managed using catalogs. New in Toad 10 Script Manager now has a connections panel to which multiple connections can be added for scripts execution from a catalog. 3 3

4 Advanced Schema Browsing for DBAs
(DB Admin Module and DBA Suite) Selection of both database and schema objects directly from a managed database obviates the need to separately use Schema Browser

5 Session Browser – The DBA’s Best Friend
(DB Admin Module and DBA Suite) Session Browser can be launched from Database Browser or from Top Session Finder to pinpoint sessions responsible for performance problems

6 A Better Way To Interpret Oracle Trace Files
(DB Admin Module and DBA Suite) Session tracing is initiated from Session Browser. Trace File Browser enables superior interpretation of trace file contents and provides Database Workload Replay.

7 Automate Everything You Do - Automation Designer
(All Editions) Performing routine admin tasks can be both inefficient and very tedious. Automation Designer overcomes this by enabling tasks in Toad to be persisted as macros for re-use, sharing and scheduling. New in Toad 10 Automation Designer has a new right-click menu item allowing pre-defined tasks from a catalog to be executed against multiple databases. 7 7

8 How Healthy Are Your Databases?
(DB Admin Module and DBA Suite) Regularly checking the health of multiple databases is an essential part of effective database administration. Health Check comprises a comprehensive set of pre-defined checks which will thoroughly assess database health. New for Toad 10 3 new groups and 31 new checks: Configuration, Performance and Storage Can be automated and scheduled 8 8

9 Intelligent Problem Diagnostics - Database Browser/ Spotlight for Oracle integration – 1 (Toad DBA Suite) Rapid and effective performance diagnostics and resolution is an essential DBA task. New in Toad 10 Collects data even without Database Monitor being open Alerts raised by Toad’s Database Monitor triggers a launch of Spotlight for Oracle by the DBA against the correct database. Also initiates and/or Automation Designer tasks. 9 9

10 Intelligent Problem Diagnostics - Database Browser/ Spotlight for Oracle integration – 2 (Toad DBA Suite) New in Toad 10 Rapid diagnosis of performance problem in context with raised alert. 10 10

11 Oracle Utilities Made Easy - 1 (DB Admin Module)
Using Oracle utilities productively can be challenging if used infrequently. DBMS_DATAPUMP DBMS_LOGMNR (Log Miner) DBMS_REDEFINITION DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER DBMS_SCHEDULER (Oracle Scheduler) DBMS_JOBS DBMS_FLASHBACK DBMS_PROFILER 11 11

12 Oracle Utilities Made Easy - 2 (DB Admin Module)
Now I can easily find the transaction in question’s REDO and UNDO – and send the UNDO to the editor for execution if I want to restore prior DB state 12 12

13 Validate Optimal Schema Design - Enhanced ER Diagram (All Editions) and Toad Data Modeler (DBA Suite) ER Diagram enables DBAs to understand and optimize the schema design prior to deployment into production. Schema objects can be reverse-engineered into Toad Data Modeler for physical or conceptual modeling. New in ER Diagram for Toad 10: Works without DB connection Multiple workspaces Color coding and Categories Many new graphic tools (pan, loupe, etc) HTML reporting and Object operations undertaken in diagram 13 13

14 Generating Data Made Simple – Data Subset Wizard
(All Editions) The generation of production representative data for development and test is important for effective testing of code or application scalability. 14 14

15 Generating Data Made Simple – Data Generator
(Pro, Xpert & Suites) The generation of realistic data for development and test is crucial where production data is “off-limits”. Data Generator makes this task simple for single or multiple tables. New for Toad 10 Data Generator now uses different generators which allow the user to specify exactly how to create data for each column. There is also a server-side option: 15 15

16 Generating Data Made Simple – Data Generator
(Pro, Xpert & Suites) New for Toad 10 Names, addresses, country codes, Social Security numbers, etc can be chosen and can be previewed prior to generation. SQL queries can even be used. 16 16

17 Making Better Sense Of Data (All Editions)
Efficient and accurate manipulation of data in grids is an essential part of maintaining high user productivity and minimizing errors. New in Toad 10 – New, consistently applied data grids: Display/hide columns Column grouping Column colors Navigator bar 17 17

18 Unicode support (All Editions)
Although Toad for Oracle is used extensively around the world, up to now it has only supported the ASCII character set. New in Toad 10 Toad now supports the Unicode standard meaning it can be used anywhere. 18 18

19 Knowledge and Education – 1 (All Editions)
Provision of knowledge and education directly through Toad extends the DBAs understanding of Oracle and enables them to fully exploit the value of Toad. New in Toad 10 New search bar for Toad World, AskToad, KX and Toad Help Video clip links in Toad Help 19 19

20 Knowledge and Education – 2 (All Editions)
New in Toad 10 Video clip links in Toad Help 20 20

21 Thank you for listening!

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