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What significant turning point occurs when you turn 16? Why is getting a license and driving so important to YOU?  It brings freedom and fun What else.

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2 What significant turning point occurs when you turn 16? Why is getting a license and driving so important to YOU?  It brings freedom and fun What else is needed with that new independence and empowerment?  Responsibility and $$$$ or JOB to pay for car, gas, and insurance!

3 What Drives Your Future? ROP Career Presentation October 2008

4 “Many of us sit in the back seat of life and let someone else do all the driving! That’s OK if you don’t care where the car is going. To set the course in the direction you want to go, you need to take the wheel. You have to drive.” ~Judy Mae Bingham

5 If the journey is just as important as the destination, then you need to ask yourself…. WHAT do I want to be driving? Something that… Shows power and costs a lot? Looks cute and economical? Is practical and functional? Keeps me in shape & is cheap? Gets me there without me having to drive? Do you want to work outdoors and spend time in nature?

6 And HOW do I want to be driving through life? Do I want to race through life or take my time? Do I want time for friends and family and time for my own interests? Do I want to save my money for later or enjoy life now and take it as it comes? What kind of lifestyle do I want?

7 What you drive 20 years from now could be quite different than what you drive now, depending on the choices you make! “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!” ~ Will Rogers So what are you waiting for? Don’t get stuck in a rut!

8 Positive Attitude – Drive Your Life “ Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.” ~ Anonymous Just like spark plugs are needed to ignite your car, so too your positive attitude can be the spark that ignites your life plans.

9 What Drives Your Future? 1.What is the date? 2.How old are you? 3.What steps are you taking towards a career? 4.What education or training have you completed since high school? 5.Where are you living? 6.With whom are you living? 7.How much $$$$ do you make a month? 8.How are you earning a living? What are the expenses you need to cover? 9.Do you own a car? If so, what kind? 10.What are your career/lifestyle plans for the future?

10 As you can see, the decisions and choices you make today directly influence the road map you use to guide your future.

11 What are the typical MONTHLY expenses to live in Santa Cruz County? Housing (2bd 1 ½ bath) Utilities (cell, electricity, DSL, cable) Food (Eat in some and Eat out) Transportation (Gas, insurance, car payments, basic maintenance) Clothes (A few basic clothes) Health Care (Basic Health Insurance) Entertainment (Have fun, go out a little) Personal (Basic needs) Miscellaneous (Travel, other expenses) Savings (average 5% of income) $1,202.00 $ 235.00 $ 350.00 $ 721.00 $ 75.00 $ 58.00 $ 100.00 $25.00 $ 100.00 $ 143.00 Expenses Per Month $3,009.00 Expenses Per Year $36,108.00 (Not including taxes which is 25% of annual income) Does Your Job Match Your Expenses?

12 How Much Do You Need to Make to live in Santa Cruz?  Typical Annual Expenses = $36,108  40 hours a week X 50 working weeks = 2000 hours a year for fulltime work  $36,108 ÷ 2000 hours = $18.00 an hour YOU need to make This does not include 25% taxes! How much you make is influenced by how much training and education you have!

13 State of California 2007 Annual Average for person 25 and over. Earnings are fulltime wages and salaried workers. –Average Hourly Wage - $22.11 –Average Annual Salary - $45,990

14 EDUCATION: Your Ticket To Your Future! EDUCATIONHOURLY WAGEWEEKLYANNUAL Master’s Degree (MA/MS) $29.10$1165$58,250 Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS) $24.60$987$49,350 Associate Degree (AA/AS) $18.50$740$37,000 High School Grad $15.10$604$30,200 No HS Diploma $10.70$428$21,400 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey 2007

15 How do I know what road is right for me? Identifying your… Interests Values Skills Needs …..can help you drive your career and lifestyle choices!

16 Planning Your Future Career planning is like buying your ideal car to go on a trip. You need to … Plan, research, budget, test-drive, have the right tools and match the car to your needs and personality. The same is true for careers. You want to… try out different types of jobs not just take the first one that comes along find what best matches your personality, interests, skills, values, and needs.

17 ROP will show you how to DRIVE your Future Practical hands-on career training Career Portfolio - showcases your best work for employers or colleges Career Locker – a useful tool to plan your future Scholarship Opportunities – helps finance your future training Internships - apply what you have learned Industry Trained Instructors - Learn from the experts College credit available in some ROP classes

18 ROP Provides Skills and Opportunities  Just like checking your rear-view mirror to see where you’re going, you need to reflect back on the road you have taken in order to move forward on your career path.  Just as you would use tools from a toolbox to help you improve your car, use the transferable work-related skills you acquire from your ROP class to help you on your career/life journey. Updating your job skills is like polishing your car. A little effort helps your career and your car to shine.

19 Begin NOW to drive your future! Career Planning Assignment Based on how much career exploration you have or haven’t done! Completed by all ROP Students for your portfolio and to assist you in planning your future. In Career Locker ( Complete an assessment (You get to choose!) Complete an assignment that enriches and extends your assessment results. Write a 1-3 page summary report of what you learned. Include your assessment, assignment, and written report in your portfolio!

20 Don’t let stress or pressure distract you from your journey. Find the CAReer that matches your interests, values, skills, and needs. Hop in the driver’s seat, and ride your own AUTObiography!

21 Remember…. “Know thyself!” ~ Socrates “If you're doing what you love and loving what you do, you’ll make a living at it!” ~Wayne Dyer For further assistance, see your ROP counselor Place & phone number/email

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