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Les textos et Les SMS Megan Iranpour, Lexington Catholic High School Tracy Lambert, Lafayette High School Alice Barrette, East Jessamine High School.

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1 Les textos et Les SMS Megan Iranpour, Lexington Catholic High School Tracy Lambert, Lafayette High School Alice Barrette, East Jessamine High School

2 Purpose of the Session Explain why working with les textos are a great for your students Give you an introductory lesson to les textos Provide you with resources and activity ideas for your classroom To continue to promote an ever-growing, modern classroom for our students

3 Journal article Emerging Technologies: Messaging by Robert Godwin-Jones; Language, Learning & Technology, Vol. 9, 2005 The next generation's enthusiasm for instant messaging, videogames, and peer-to-peer file swapping is likely to be dismissed by their elders as so many ways to waste time and avoid the real worlds of work or school. But these activities may not be quite as vapid as they may seem from the perspective of outsiders--or educators. Researchers point not only to such obvious by- products as computer literacy, communicative skills, and community building, but to less immediately evident benefits like identity creation (avatars in games/chat), collaborative learning (networking to develop game playing strategies), or even mentoring...

4 Why talk about text messaging in a world language classroom? Article from May 22nd 2008 Parlez-vous SMS from The Economist print edition (see resources) It is a fad just as popular among French teens It is an equal source of worry for the French government who fears it will affect spelling, grammar, and overall ability to affectively communicate Great topic for discussion, application of student knowledge, a chance to get to know your students better Keeps students aware of the likenesses shared between cultures as well as an awareness of language structure A great way to work with Advanced Placement competencies

5 Getting started Beginner rules and resources can be found at: texting.htm texting.htm Setting the basic rules: French Texting Rules: The basic rule of texting is to express yourself with the fewest number of characters possible. This is done in two ways: Using abbreviations, like TLM for Tout Le Monde Using letters that are pronounced like the desired sounds, like OQP for occupé (O - CCU - PÉ)

6 Basic rules, contd Patterns: C replaces C'EST, S'EST, SAIS, etc. É replaces AI, AIS, and other spellings of similar sounds K can replace QU (e.g., koi) or CA (kdo) O replaces AU, EAU, AUX, etc. T replaces T'ES and other spellings of the same sound 1 replaces UN, EN, or IN 2 replaces DE Tip: If all else fails, try reading the symbol out loud. :-)

7 Try some examples yourself B1sur Cb1 GspR b1 Mr6 @+ Koi29 Bien sûr Cest bien Jespère bien Merci À plus Quoi de neuf?

8 And now a little harder… JtapL + tard JtapLDkejpe GHT2V1 DQP PTDR Je tappelle plus tard Je tappelle dès que je peux Jai acheté du vin Dès que je peux (ASAP) Pété de rire (LOL)

9 So what does this mean for you? Activity ideas General introduction to students Discovery day (knowledge and comprehension) English exploration day (synthesis) Debates (analyze and evaluate) Invention (application) Communication outside of the classroom (synthesis and application)

10 More activities Online cell phone ads : research, discuss, compare and contrast Modern day applications : debate what this means to teen driving, spelling, education, generational divides, etc. Writing in text message language

11 Connecting text messages to the French we know and love Sarkozy and his text message to Cecilia Clip Si tu reviens at the endSi tu reviens Tony Parker and his alleged affair proved through text messages Article in resources

12 Resources on our web page Celebrity confessions about cell phone rings, talk time, etc. Relay article (see resources) Christophe Maé nous parle de son portable Q: Combien de téléphones portables as-tu posédé? A: Cinq ou Six Q: Quelle est la mélodie de ta sonnerie? A: Sexual Healing de Marvin Gay Q: Quelles sont les fonctions les plus usitées sur ton portable? A: Lenvoie et la réception de SMS Q: Peux-tu menvoyer un e-mail? A: Oui, mais je ne le fais jamais

13 Resources contd Article excerpt on emerging technologies Introductory rules to text messaging in French texting.htm texting.htm Article on the problems facing educators and the French government tory.cfm?story_id=11412629 tory.cfm?story_id=11412629 Article on lower tariffs for international text messaging in Europe 14/eu-the-text-messaging-war.html 14/eu-the-text-messaging-war.html

14 Resources contd Article on Tony Parker and his affair being fought through text messages fers_text_messages_as_proof_of_affair_with_tony _parker/ fers_text_messages_as_proof_of_affair_with_tony _parker/ Article on Sarkozys text message and the song that resulted nch-presidents-naughty-txt-turned-into-a- song/ nch-presidents-naughty-txt-turned-into-a- song/ Watch video Jennifer Charbal Si tu reviensSi tu reviens Lesson with some text messages filled in like the activity done in the session

15 Resources contd Lesson ideas just about telephones (getting students started) TTC TéléphoneTéléphone Good for introducing alternative telephone use and vocabulary (décrocher, répondeur, etc) Claude François Le Téléphone PleureLe Téléphone Pleure Good for listening skills and imitation conversations

16 Resources contd Want to continue exploring teenage communication? Check out Christelle Bazooka (aka Fatal Bazooka) Parle à ma Main (Yelle and Christelle) Check out Jean SlimJean Slim Fits into your debates about good and bad cell phone use

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