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Mrs. Eagle’s Expectations for Student Success

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1 Mrs. Eagle’s Expectations for Student Success
Welcome back to school!

2 Student Packet Take home your packet and have parents sign the following forms: 1. Student verification form 2. Lunch form (if not needed, please return blank) Lunch status is the same as last year for the first 10 days of school. 3. Health letter 4. Student information sheet 5. 7th grade welcome letter 6. Laptop agreement (insurance fees must be paid on Thursday if not already) Please return items in the envelope provided ASAP!

3 Student Schedule and Handbook
Look over your schedule. Be sure you have 4 core classes and 2 electives for the first semester. Highlight these! Your handbook is your guide to success. Be sure you and your parents read over the policies. We will go over some today!

4 What to do during homeroom:
You are expected to be in your seat ready to roll with all needed materials. Have your agenda ready to show parent signature & homework. This is how you will earn 2 orange sting bucks! Homeroom is only 10 minutes. Use your time wisely! Watch Channel One quietly. Sit quietly and wait for announcements and the pledge. No talking during announcements. No talking during the pledge or moment of silence. Begin the day with a smile  No whining allowed!

5 How to Begin Class: Before entering the room, line up on wall quietly with one shoulder touching and book bags close to your side. We expect you to stay quiet in the hall. (This does not apply to you for homeroom nor 1st core unless you rotate then.) Enter the room quietly and find your assigned seat. You are expected to begin work within 3 minutes. This is not the time to chat with a friend. Write down any homework in your agenda. This will be posted on the board. Begin the Do Now.

6 Class Expectations: Raise your hand to ask questions.
Sit in your assigned seat at all times unless given permission to move. Respect yourself, others, and the classroom environment. Come prepared to learn and work. Sharpen pencils before class begins; never while the teacher or another student is talking or better yet, use pen. Follow schedule for bathroom and locker breaks. If you need to see the counselor, let me know and I will send a note so that Mr. Griffin can come and get you from class. If you are feeling sick, you will be allowed to go to the office to call home. But remember, attendance in school is important and any work missed is your responsibility to make up.

7 What do I do next? Wait for teacher instructions.
If you finish early, you may read, review notes or vocabulary. It is expected that you will not waste your time nor disrupt the learning environment.

8 What will help me be successful in 7th grade?
Be ready and willing to learn. School is your job. Take it serious. Come prepared to learn: have all necessary materials ready, do your homework and class work, and review notes and vocabulary each day. Work on organization skills: being able to find work you have done is very important!

9 Conduct in the halls Always walk on the right side of the hall.
Line up in the designated area for each class. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself. Keep book bag on your back and close to the wall. Remember to use inside voices. It is expected by the 7th grade team that you will be quiet in the hall. Use appropriate language. Share the space.

10 What happens at lunch? Line up quietly and stop periodically while walking to the lunchroom. Use your inside voice while going through the lunch line. Be polite to the cafeteria staff. Sit at assigned table: never move to another table without permission. Try to get everything you need when going through the line. There is no returning! You are expected to remain silent for the first 10 minutes of lunch so that everyone can enjoy their meal without interruptions. Hold your trash until the end when called to line up. Keep your area as clean as possible. You will rotate clean-up duties. You are allowed to use the restroom but you have to raise your hand and ask permission. Keep your hands on your own plate. Do not throw food, etc. Keep quiet in the bathroom area and keep the bathroom clean. NO FOOD or DRINK ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF THE CAFETERIA! Walk quietly to and from the cafeteria.

11 Bathroom Breaks When? Before you leave home!
During Core 2 at an appointed time! Before patio! After lunch! How? Five students at a time! Be prompt, respectful and responsible! Use appropriate language and volume! Why? You are responsible for your actions! Instruction time is important!

12 PATIO Patio days: Every day if expectations are met!
You can bring equipment to use at patio (footballs, volleyballs, Frisbee, etc.) If you do, it must stay out of sight until patio time! When you hear the whistle blow, line up quickly. Do not go in the woods or in the road. Do not throw rocks, sticks, sand, etc. No tackle football. Patio is a privilege. Violation of these rules will result in a forfeit of patio time. Patio can be taken on any day if you do not complete homework, class work, or if you are misbehaving or not prepared for class.

13 Assemblies How do you arrive, sit, participate and depart from an assembly? Enter quietly, in a straight line and follow instructions Sit exactly where you are directed Stay quiet and focused Participate respectfully and responsibly Depart quietly and in a straight line

14 Sting Buck Challenge Chance to earn bucks for following expectations!
Here’s how: Be safe, respectful, responsible, and resourceful in all locations at school. S.W.A.R.R.R.M. Bucks needed for incentives: 15 – to sit with a friend at lunch 20 – to “dine out” with a friend 30 – for Fun Friday (1st one is scheduled for Sept. 28th) ?? – for Sting buck store Sting Bucks are connected to our PBIS program! You are expected to be at your best at all times.

15 Welcome to 7th Grade I look forward to working with each one of you ~Mrs. Eagle

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