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2 CREST / MAS Program Objectives  Provide training in the methods and techniques of clinical research including patient oriented research, epidemiology and outcomes research;  Develop an institutional environment for improved interaction of trainees with established clinical investigators to foster mentoring and career development;  Provide a Masters degree program in Clinical Research in collaboration with UCSD Division of Extended Studies

3 CREST Program Design: Broad based curriculum in clinical research methodology  Can be completed in 1-3 years;  Comprised of eight modules which are:  given over one academic quarter each,  comprised of 10, two-hour, weekly periods of instruction in the early evening (4-6)  a combination of lectures, group discussions, papers and computer-based training.  Integrates didactic information with practical training  Accommodates students’ varying needs by using a modular approach to instruction, a part-time year-round schedule, and a flexible approach to self-directed learning  Facilitates interaction among program participants and experienced investigators  Links the academic, scientific, and practitioner communities CREST is a non-credit,grant-supported training program which provides the foundation “core” curriculum for the MAS-CR program (36 Units)

4 CREST/MAS Program Design: Courses The MAS degree in Clinical Research consists of 36 quarter units  18 units of core (CREST) courses  4 units of professional development seminars  2 units of Mentorship and Career Planning module  4 units of advanced statistics  4 units of an independent study project  4 units of electives CRESTMAS Basic Modules (Yr 1)  Epidemiology I  Epidemiology II  Patient Oriented Research I  Patient Oriented Research II  Prof development module 1 Advanced Modules (Yr 2)  Biostatistics I  Biostatistics II  Outcomes Research & HSRD  Data Mgmt & Informatics  Prof development module 2/3

5 Curriculum 2010-2011

6 Course Evaluations  Each lecture, module is evaluated by students  Mean course evaluations have ranged from 4.5-4.8 on a scale of 1(worst) to 5 (best)  Feedback from students is:  provided to lecturers and module directors and  reviewed on an ongoing basis  utilized to modify program content and delivery

7  Enrollment (total = 516)  Courses taken: 237 Trk II, 153 Trk I, & 126 MAS students enrolled  Degrees at entry: 371 MD, 104 BS/BA/BSN, 30 PhD, 11 Pharm D  Academic status: 275 Post grads, 87 faculty, 152 other Description of CREST/MAS Students

8 Education and Occupation of CREST - MAS 49 Students Matriculated in 2009-2010 Education Occupation MD 8Physician 8 MD/PhD 1Medical Student 15 PhD 0Other Student 0 PharmD 2Industry 22 MS/MA 1Research Scientist 3 BS/BA 22Nurse 1 Medical Student 15 Physical Therapist 0 Total 49Dentist 0 Total 49

9  Accomplishments  150 received CREST Certificates  99 received MAS-CR Degrees  51 have publications  35 have grant support Accomplishments of CREST/MAS Students

10 Challenges and Plans  Dedicated Space to house program  Program Growth and Diversity of students  Faculty expansion  Elective Modules  Mentoring  Cross CTSA collaborations  Telemedicine Building  ECOB  Distance learning  Pathways  Faculty recruitment and training  Creation of Global health, Medical informatics, translational research modules  Expanded pool of mentors  UC Irvine, Scripps ChallengesPlans

11 Faculty Program Directors  Ravi Mehta, M.D., FACP., Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSD; Program Director  Gerry Boss, M.D., Professor of Medicine, UCSD; Associate Program Director for Physician Scientist Track, Director of Scientific Writing Course  Allen McCutchan, M.D., MSc Professor of Medicine Emeritus, UCSD. Associate Program Director for Clinician Investigator Track, Director of POR I and I

12 Core Course Directors  Ted Ganiats, M.D., Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine, Director of Outcome Research  Sue Lindsay, PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, San Diego State University, Director of Online Epidemiology  Sheldon Morris, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, UCSD, Co-Director of POR I and II  Joe Ramsdell, M.D., Professor of Medicine, UCSD, Chief of Division of General Internal Medicine, Director of Informatics and Data Management  Florin Vaida, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UCSD School of Medicine, Director of Biostatistics I and II  Deborah Wingard, Ph.D., Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine, UCSD; Director of Epidemiology I and II

13 Program Administrators  Bruce Dunn, Associate Dean, Executive and Degree-Related Programs, UCSD Extension  Maureen Eijsermans, Manager and Graduate Coordinator, Office of Advanced Professional Education and Development, UCSD Extension  Jan Keane, Marketing Coordinator, MAS Degree Programs, Office of Advanced Professional Education and Development, UCSD Extension  Krisztina Hershon, Program Coordinator, MAS Clinical Research, Office of Advanced Professional Education and Development, UCSD Extension  Seble Chernet, Academic Coordinator CREST Program, UCSD  Elizabeth Meyer, Director, OnLine Learning, UCSD Extension  Grace Miller, Director, Healthcare Education Department, UCSD Extension


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