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Charlotte’s Web Mrs. Canfield 2012-2013 Where’s papa going with that ax? Fern convinced her father to let the runt pig go. Fern named the runt pig Wilbur.

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2 Charlotte’s Web Mrs. Canfield 2012-2013

3 Where’s papa going with that ax? Fern convinced her father to let the runt pig go. Fern named the runt pig Wilbur. Fern takes care of Wilbur. Fern did not want to sell Wilbur to her uncles farm. Mr. Zuckerman won’t let Fern take Wilbur out of the pigpen. Chapter 1 Taylor A.

4 Chapter 2 is about Fern taking care of Wilber. She was very sad when he was sold. Wilber liked being with Fern and Fern liked being with Wilber. They love each other very much. Wilbur wishes Fern were there with him at his new home. Tylar A.

5 Mr.Zuckerman bought Wilbur and the thing Wilbur smelled was a lot of hay and manure that he would sleep on. When Fern visited she had to sit on a stoll a watch Wilbur she wanted to take care of wilbur.

6 I had chapter 3, Escaped. Wilbur had escaped his pen, and he was running for dear life. All of the animals were telling him to run in different ways. They were him to run to the woods. It was confusing. Mr.Zuckerman led Wilbur back to his pen with a bucket of slops. By Marcello C.

7 Chapter 4 is about how Wilbur wanted to make friends. He asked all of the other animals if they wanted to play and they said no. When he was laying in his pen sad he heard someone ask him to play but he couldn’t see who it was. Brooke.C

8 Wilbur was trying to fall asleep. The then there were noises and his stomach was empty and his mind was full. The next day Wilbur meet charlotte in the barn doorway. She said look I’m waving. Charlotte was Wilbur’s first friend that he made. Chapter 5 pages 32-36 Cameron C.

9 Charlotte tells Wilbur what she eats. How she catches her food. How she raps it. Wilbur thinks she is blood-thirsty. She is not. He realized that Charlotte has a kind and caring hart. Chapter 5 pages 37-41 Bye Charlotte. C.

10 Chapter 6 The goose had eight eggs. Templeton herd there were only seven. He asked what happened to the eighth egg. The goose said it was a dud. Templeton asked if he could have it. The goose said yes but if he broke the egg it would stink for weeks. Templeton said I won’t break it. Then he rolled it away. Into his hole under Wilbur’s trough. With his other….. Weird collection stuff… Gabriella D

11 Chapter 7 is when Wilbur finds out he is going to die. The old sheep tells Wilbur that Mr.Zuckerman and Lurvy are getting Wilbur fat so they can. Eat him Wilbur freaks out charlotte tells him to stop crying. And she won’t let him die. BY Gabe D

12 Fern and her family sat down and talked about uncle Homer’s barn. Mrs. Arable didn’t think that the animals could talk. Mr. Arable thought Fern might have a point. Fern’s mom is worried about Fern saying she talks to the animals and they talk to her. Chapter 8 a talk at home Sam D.

13 Charlotte explains to Wilbur how she spins her web. She usually likes to do it in the afternoon. Wilbur wants to learn how to spin a web. Charlotte says it is hard work. Wilbur does not think it is hard work. Wilbur wants to try to spin a web. Chapter 9 pages 55-60Ella E.

14 Charlotte tells Wilbur he doesn’t need a web because he gets fed three times a day. Wilbur admits he was just trying to show off. Wilbur gets sleepy. He starts thinking about what the old sheep told him about death. Wilbur asks Charlotte if she was serious about keeping Mr. Zuckerman from killing him. Charlotte says yes and she was already thinking about the plan. Chapter 9 pages 60-65

15 Charlotte is trying to save Wilburs life she is thinking about something. Meanwhile, Avery and Fern come into the kitchen. Avery has a frog and it jumps in the dishpan! Mrs. Zuckerman tells them to go out and so they go swing on the rope. Alex G.Chapter 10 pages 66-70

16 Avery went to try to catch charlotte. He thought she was a fine spider. He opened a box and took out a stick. He lost he’s balance and fell on Wilbur’s trough. When he fell, the 8 th gosling broke. The horrible smell felled the barn with disgust. Fern started to cry as she plugged her nose an ran. Avery ran with her. Emily G.

17 The Miracle chapter 11 What happened in chapter 11 was on Charlotte’s web were the two words some pig. Everybody thought that was a miracle. Templeton had to go to the dump to find some words that Charlotte could use for the web. Megan H.

18 Charlotte called a meeting. Everyone came but Templeton. Charlotte needed suggestions for words for her web. The goose suggested Terrific. The old sheep said Templeton can help. The sheep convinces Templeton to help because Wilbur provides food. Charlotte tells Wilbur that he is terrific. Ryan H. Chapter 12 The Meeting

19 Chapter 13 pages 92 to 98 By: Andrew H. In the middle of the night Charlotte started to put the word Terrific on her web. The whole night you heard her giving herself commands. In the morning Lurvy came with slops and saw the message. Soon the word spread all over. When Terrific got old Charlotte asked Templeton for a new one PRESHRUNK and CRUNCHY is what Templeton got for Charlotte.

20 Good Progress Charlotte is putting up a new word on the web. Charlotte asks Templeton to get a word from the garbage. Templeton brings a scrap that says: With Radiant Action. Charlotte says Hmm what does With Radiant Action mean. Charlotte asks Wilbur if he is radiant and Wilbur says yes yes I am! Chapter 13,pages 99-104 By Simbarashe K.

21 Mrs. Arable went to talk with Dr. Dorian about Fern. She told Dr. Dorian that she spends most of her time in her Uncle’s barn with the animals. Fern said that she can talk with the animals, and Fern told her that her friends are the animals. Chapter 14 Travis L.

22 The Crickets chapter 15 The crickets wart everyone that summer is over. Everyone really likes summer and is sad that is will soon become fall. It is time for the County fair. Charlotte does not know if she could come because she must make her egg sac. Wilbur really wants her to be there. Riley M.

23 Chapter 16 pages 118-123 Every person had a dream. Avery dreamt that the Ferris wheel had stopped when he was in the top car. Fern dreamt that she was getting sick in the swings. Lurvy dreamt that he threw baseballs at bottles and won a Navajo blanket. Mr. Zuckerman dreamt Wilbur had grown to a staggering length of 116 feet long and 92 feet high. By Uche.O

24 Chapter 16 is called Off To The Fair. In chapter 16 the animals know that Wilbur will be put in the crate soon. Templeton and Charlotte sneak into the crate and hide. The Old Sheep tells Wilbur to struggle when they put him in the crate, so Mr. Zuckerman won’t think something is wrong with him. When the families came, Wilbur hears Mr. Arable say that he will make good bacon when it’s time to kill him, so he passes out. Lurvy throws cold water on Wilbur to wake him up. After Wilbur struggles, they get him in the crate and drive to the fair. By Isabella P.

25 Chapter 17 is about Wilbur and Charlotte Meeting Uncle the gigantic pig. Wilbur is scared that uncle might win the competition. They are scared because Uncle is big and strong. The town people like big pigs. And Wilbur thinks he won’t win because he is smaller. Leah.R

26 Templeton found lots of food at the fair. He also found the word humble. Charlotte writes humble in her web. Then she does something very special for herself. By Keaton R

27 Charlotte made a egg sac in the night. Templeton came from a feast he said there was a tag on the pigpen next door. That means he won, but Mrs. Zuckerman gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath. He looked clean and many people said good things about Wilbur. Then on a speaker was would Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman come with there pig. Chapter 19 The Egg Sac By William S.

28 Wilbur and Mr. Zuckerman won a award for brining lots of visitors to the County Fair to see them. Wilbur got embarrassed because of the cheering and fainted. Charlotte succeeded at saving Wilbur's life and completing her egg sac. Sam S.

29 In this chapter Wilbur is already at the fair.Charlotte just make her egg sac.Charlotte’s egg sac has 515 eggs in it.Charlotte dies With nobody around and dies before her baby’s are born. Templeton get’s the sac from the ceiling to give to Wilbur. Charlotte knows her baby spiders are safe with Wilbur. Then they get to the barn. Janie Wagne r Janie W. A Warm Wind Chapter 21

30 Chapter 22 Wilbur came home from the Fair and watched over Charlotte’s egg sac. Wilbur saw his first snow just before Christmas. Soon the days became warmer and Wilbur saw Charlotte’s babies crawl from the sac. For a week Charlotte’s babies explored around the barn. One warm morning, the barn door opened. As the warm updraft blew all around the barn, a baby stood on it’s head and a silk balloon came out of the baby spiders spinnerets and they floated away. Katie W. Pages 172-179

31 In chapter 22 charlotte children but 3of them stay with wilbur and they and make 3 little weds and it remind him of charlotte. and all of the little spiders make little weds and he miss charlotte and non of them is the best as charlotte because charlotte is wilburs best friend and he will never forget charlotte Chapter 22 Josie Z.

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