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OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Media

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2 OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Media
Introduction to Unit 1: Analysing media products and audiences

3 Media Institution Working Title
With Universal Studios as its parent company, Working Titleʼs small team of 42 employees headed up by co-chairs Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner competes on a worldwide basis from their main offices in London. Launched in 1983 by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe, Working Title has built a reputation for producing more than 70 world-class films including, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Elizabeth, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason and The Interpreter.

4 Selecting a film made by Working Title:
Hot Fuzz A popular Working Title release in 2007, this entertaining action/comedy/mystery reached critical acclaim worldwide despite its very British theme. The filmʼs fast-paced editing and soundtrack is combined with the dynamic use of mise en scene, camera shots, angles and movements, creates meaning and appeal for a national and international target audience. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in a narrative which sees them partnered as policemen in a sleepy English village.

5 The production process
Pre-production: producing script/storyboard Hot Fuzz was written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, they spent eighteen months writing the script. The film had an eleven week shooting schedule

6 The production process
Production: filming of the visuals, sound and SFX The fictitious village of ʻSandfordʼ was recreated in Wells, Somerset. Wells Cathedral had to be removed in the post-production stage. The conversation between Timothy Dalton and Simon Pegg filmed in the supermarket took two days to film. The opening sequences were filmed on location at Hendon Police Training College.

7 The production process
Post-production: filming of the visuals, sound and SFX Half an hour of footage was cut from the film during the editing stage. The visual effects were created by ten artists. Creating the sequence where a character's head is crushed by some falling masonry, involved using footage of a dummy filmed against a green screen.

8 Finding out about your audience
Hot Fuzz Here are some sample questions to ask… 1) Name? 2) Gender? 3) Age? 4) What are your favourite films? 5) What is your occupation? 6) What are your interests? 7) What do you spend your money on?

9 Finding out about your audience
Name Tom Gender Age Male 25 Favourite films Target audience profile for Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Bad Boys Occupation Senior Sales Assistant (£19 – 20k) Interests Films, music, theatre, keep fit Lifestyle and spending habits Going out to the cinema, clothing and taking my girlfriend out. Trying to save to take my girlfriend on holiday. Likes buying the latest gadget.

10 Distribution of Hot Fuzz Cinema Internet (online retailers) DVDs
Internet (downloading) Retailers (high street retailers) Retailers (supermarkets)

11 Advertising of Hot Fuzz Interviews with stars Blogs Sponsorship
Premiere Magazine adverts Banner advertising Advertising of Hot Fuzz Teaser trailers Posters Websites Theatrical trailers Store displays

12 Ofcom – Office of Communications:
Legal and ethical constraints for Hot Fuzz Use of language Ofcom – Office of Communications: Will decide whether the film can be screened pre or post the watershed. Film Certification Hot Fuzz is awarded its certification of “15” by the BBFC, British Board of Film Classification, this certification is dependent on themes contained within the film: Level of nudity Sex Imitable techniques Violence Horror Use of drugs

13 Issues of representation in Hot Fuzz
Look at issues regarding the representation of race, gender and stereotypes in Hot Fuzz using audience models of behaviour theories. How are people, social groups, institutions and places represented? How are key characters such as Sergeant Nicholas Angel, PC Danny Butterman, Simon Skinner, PC Doris Thatcher represented - is it positive or negative? Is the representation of Sandford and the police positive or negative?

14 What will you learn? After completing this unit you will:
Recognise the products which are made by a media institution Understand the structure and operating model of a media institution Understand the target audience for the products produced by the media institution Be able to identify both the distribution and advertising channels for the chosen product

15 The following websites were used to prepare this presentation:
References The following websites were used to prepare this presentation:

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