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Power of the Church, Lay Investiture Conflict and Challenges to Church Authority.

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1 Power of the Church, Lay Investiture Conflict and Challenges to Church Authority

2 Power of the Church Due to weak, decentralized political power in Europe, the Church becomes a powerhouse The meaning of Gelasius’ quote and the implications

3 Structure of the Church Hierarchy Papa Curia c. 1100Archbishops Lay Clergy _________________ Sacred Clergy _________________

4 The Church as a unifying force In what ways did the Church bring people together? Why was its presence so important to the people of the Middle Ages?

5 What aspects of life did the Church not control? How did the Church maintain its control over Europe?

6 Germany…in the Middle Ages First, Germany is not a country Second, Germany is not a nation Germany is numerous regions that share a Germanic ethnic heritage For a map of Germany in 962 A.D. click hereclick here For a trip though time, and the changing boundaries of Germany click here

7 In the beginning… 936 –_______ became king of Germany, he limited the nobles power by teaming up with the ________. 962 – in reward of his service in protecting the pope, Otto I became _____________ ______________ (similar to Charlemagne) Resentment grew between the__________ and the German rule.

8 The Lay Investiture Conflict 1075 – Pope Gregory VII banned ____________ Definition: the act in which a temporal, earthly ruler appoints an official of the Church, namely bishops. 1075 – Henry IV, HRE (German), called a meeting and sent a letter to the pope saying that he was not the pope, but a false monk. HERESEY! 1076 – Pope Gregory VII ____________Henry IV, Henry decides to beg for forgiveness after his nobles sided with the pope. Pope also released all of Henry’s vassals from their feudal ______________

9 Henry defeated 1077 – Henry VI, powerless, travels to ________ to a castle where the pope was staying. Henry stood out in the snow with bare feet and wearing a hair shirt crying for mercy and __________. The ________ finally relents. Henry then returns to Germany Takes revenge on the ________ who abandoned him. *What’s a hair shirt, you ask? It is a a shirt made of rough animal hair worn next to the skin as a penance. Think pig’s hair woven into a shirt.

10 The Compromise 1122 – The _______________, the Church can choose its officials, but the emperor can veto the selection. The crucial compromise: Emperor gained control of the ________side of the church, but surrendered the spiritual. Conflict is given attention across ___________. Who has more power, Church or state?

11 Frederick and the Papacy 1152 – ___________ (Barbarossa) chosen as the German king. He named his territory the Holy Roman Empire. Frederick invaded rich Italian cities angering the pope who gained money from the cities. 1167 – Creation of the _____________ in order to fight against Frederick

12 The Battle 1176 – The Lombard League defeated Frederick I at the___________________. Mounted knights are __________for the first time in history. 1177 – Frederick I makes peace with Alexander III, the pope. Frederick’s power ________ in Germany 1190 – Frederick I dies, fragmenting Germany Why does Germany not unify during the Middle Ages?

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