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9 th Grade British Literature Mrs. Anderson Pride & Prejudice Continue.

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2 9 th Grade British Literature Mrs. Anderson Pride & Prejudice Continue

3 About The Author Major Characters Setting Major Themes Minor Characters Plot SummaryGenre Continue What’s On The Quiz? Period Attire

4 MAJOR CHARACTERS MAIN MENU Continue Elizabeth Bennet: Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist in this story. She is initially put off by Mr. Darcy’s cold manner but further acquaintance with him changes her heart. She eventually marries him. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Darcy is a very wealthy friend of Charles Bingley. A minor character, Lady Catherine de Bourgh is his aunt. Darcy is very high minded and looks down on those who are socially inferior toward him. Over the course of the novel, he changes his mind and grows to love Elizabeth Bennet. Jane Bennet: Jane Bennet is Elizabeth Bennet’s sister. She is more conservative and warm than Elizabeth. She and Charles Bingley form a significant attachment when the first meet. After a tumultuous courtship, they eventually marry. Charles Bingley: Charles Bingley is the wealthy neighbor of the Bennet’s. He is also a friend of Mr. Darcy. He falls in love with Jane Bennet, much to Darcy’s chagrin. Mr. & Mrs. Bennet: The parents of the Bennet sisters. Mrs. Bennet is portrayed as a silly woman And her husband enjoys antagonizing her.

5 ABOUT THE AUTHOR MAIN MENU Continue Born: December 16, 1775, Died: July 18, 1817 Notable works include: Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride & Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), and Emma (1816) Books published posthumously: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Incomplete works: Sandition Although her works are widely enjoyed today, there were hardly recognized during her lifetime.

6 MINOR CHARACTERS MAIN MENU Continue Mary Bennet Charlotte Lucas Lydia Bennet George Wickham Mr. Collins Georgiana Darcy Lady Catherine de Bourgh George Wickham: A militia officer with a bad reputation. Lydia Bennet: The youngest Bennet sister. Mr. Collins: A clergyman who is heir to the Bennet estate. Miss Bingley: Charles Bingley’s sister. Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Wealthy aunt of Mr. Darcy. Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner: Mrs. Bennet’s brother and his wife. Charlotte Lucas: Elizabeth’s best friend. Georgiana Darcy: Mr. Darcy’s younger sister. Mary Bennet: She is the middle Bennet sister. Catherine Bennet: The fourth Bennet sister, nicknamed Kitty.

7 MAJOR THEMES MAIN MENU Continue Social class status: In Pride and Prejudice social status takes an important role. The lives of the characters depend entirely upon their place in society. The relationships between the characters are also wholly dependent upon their social status. Love: There are several stories of love in the novel, including Jane and Mr. Bingley, Lydia and Wickham, and Charlotte Lucas’ loveless marriage to Mr. Collins. However the greatest love story of them all is that of Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Elizabeth and Darcy overcome both their pride and prejudices to finally accept one another’s hand in marriage. Reputation: In the world Jane Austen creates, a good reputation is a highly valued asset. The lives of the characters rise and fall according to the ruined reputation of their Lydia Bennet. A good reputation is coveted and respected.

8 PLOT SUMMARY MAIN MENU Continue The novel opens with the news that Netherfield Park is let to Mr. Bingley. The Bennet household is in an frenzy – especially Mrs. Bennet. She tries to convince Mr. Bennet, her husband, to visit Mr. Bingley so that their five daughters may have a chance at meeting him. Her hopes is that the wealthy Mr. Bingley will marry one of the girls. Mr. Bennet has already visited Mr. Bingley to Mrs. Bennet’s Satisfaction. The Bennet sisters attend a ball thrown by Mr. Bingley. There they also meet his Friend Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy slights Elizabeth in a dance and that turns Elizabeth’s Heart against him. Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley fall in love. When the news of Jane and Mr. Bingley’s romance spreads, his mean sisters break them apart by sending Mr. Bingley away. Mr. Darcy is falling in love with Elizabeth but can’t seem to overcome his initial offence at the dance. By the end of the story, Jane marries Mr. Bingley after he returns. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth make amends and marries and all ends happily for everyone (except for Charlotte Lucas who marries Mr. Collins for money).

9 GENRE MAIN MENU Continue Comedy of Manners: Pride and Prejudice is in the Comedy of Manners genre. The comedy of manners has its roots in Ancient Greece New Comedy. It is a satirical look at social customs of the elite class.

10 SETTING MAIN MENU Continue The novel takes place in Longbourn, England.

11 Period Attire The time frame of Jane Austen’s novels are between 1790 and 1820 which is The Regency Era. The Regency Era is noted for its loose styled clothing and less restrictive corsets. Hemlines for women were very long. No dress was shorter than a few inches above the ankle, and even that was rare. Men wore breeches, buckled shoes, fitted shirts, and high top hats. Regency Era Fashion Continue MAIN MENU

12 REVIEW FOR THE QUIZ MAIN MENU Continue 1.When did Elizabeth Bennet’s heart begin to change toward Mr. Darcy? When Mrs. Bennet told her of their family’s financial ruin if she didn’t Marry a wealthy man. When Jane announced her engagement to Mr. Bingley. When she first saw Mr. Darcy’s home at Pemberly. A B C

13 Although Mrs. Bennet implied on several occasions that she and her daughters would be ruined if they never married, this did not influence Elizabeth to marry Darcy. Great try, but that is not correct. Return To Quiz

14 Great try, but that is not correct Return To Quiz Jane and Mr. Bingley did not become engaged until after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy reconciled.

15 That Is Correct! Continue MAIN MENU Elizabeth told her sister Jane that she began to fall for Mr. Darcy gradually but her heart definitely turned toward him when she first saw “his beautiful grounds at Pemberly”.

16 You have completed the review for Pride & Prejudice! Home Page

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