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Trend Towards Supranationalism: Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Contemporary World MZI.

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1 Trend Towards Supranationalism: Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Contemporary World MZI

2 Pros of Joining the EU Free trade and no tariffs Common currency Free movement (more job opportunities) Access to more resources Avoidance of conflict Sense of belonging and unity Sustainability Avoidance of compromising national identity Regulations to avoid larger countries dominating Public agencies (subsidies)

3 Cons of Joining the EU No common language Extra level of gvt removes some power and responsibility from countries Some countries see it as a threat to national identity Border of Europe is not defined i.e. Morocco The Commission serves the EU’s interest, not the country’s Less control for member countries Hard to withdraw The gvt leader can be removed if thought necessary i.e. Greece Some wealth has to be shared between countries

4 Case Study: Ukraine Long been on the edge of East & West Country of 46m might turn towards the west; association agreement with the EU  freer trade Putin putting pressure to join a Eurasian customs union

5 Case Study: Ukraine Russia is still the biggest market for Ukrainian exports Ukraine would get cheaper gas Russia would ease their huge debt Russia, unlike the EU “would not make pesky demands for human rights, the rule of law, an end to corruption and a proper democracy.”

6 Case Study: Ukraine Ukraine has a lot to gain moving West Trade would be shifting to a bigger and richer market The EU has a “well tried formula for helping to reform and liberalize economies from the former Soviet block.” Help modernizing their economy. Could be a precursor to EU membership. Russian bullying

7 What does this show us?

8 Case Study: European Union Ad (2012) China, India & Brazil are 3 of the EU’s competitors Ad conveys a message (intentional or not) that a “serene Europe” can “subdue foreign foes.” What do you think? Are people reading too much into this ad? No?

9 Case Study: The United Kingdom There is some debate in the UK over whether membership in the EU is good or bad, and whether they should stay or withdraw in the future David Cameron

10 The UK: Jobs? *Better off out: If small/medium firms were freed from EU regulations, there could be a job boom. *Better to stay: Sectors linked to the EU could suffer (aerospace, car industry) Millions of jobs could be lost if global manufacturers moved to lower cost EU countries

11 The UK: Money? Better off out: It would save billions in membership fees *Better to stay: Benefits to business outweigh membership fees

12 The UK: Influence? Better off out: The UN would remain a key part of NATO, the UN Security Council, a nuclear power and has a powerful global voice on its own. *Better to stay: Britain could find itself increasingly ignored by Washington and sidelined on transnational issues e.g. environment, security and trade. America and other allies want Britain to stay. Britain risks isolation.

13 Assignment To What Extent Essay

14 Introduction Provide some context to your paper General to specific Thesis Be clear, and concise

15 Body Paragraphs One paragraph=one idea Point, proof, analysis You can include more than one proof per paragraph, if you want, but it should relate to the same point. Make sure to research and have strong proofs

16 Conclusion Say what you’ve already said; restate your thesis in different words Summarize the three points of your essay Convince your reader, last words.

17 To What Extent? To what point? How far? How much? Persuasive writing; you are taking a stance Last point should be a counterpoint, but show how your arguments are more powerful!!!

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