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A View of Egypt by Satellite The Fertile Nile Valley.

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3 A View of Egypt by Satellite

4 The Fertile Nile Valley

5 The Annual Flooding of the Nile

6 Nile Irrigation-the Shaduf

7 Ancient Egyptian History PeriodsTime Frame Nile Culture Begins3900 B. C. E. Archaic3100 – 2650 B. C. E. Old Kingdom2650 – 2134 B. C. E. Middle Kingdom2040 – 1640 B. C. E. New Kingdom1550 – 1070 B. C. E. Late Period750 – 332 B. C. E. Greek Ptolemaic Era332 – 30 B. C. E. Roman Period30 B. C. E. – 395 C. E.

8 Menes: Unifier of Upper & Lower Egypt c. 3050 B. C. E. ?

9 Ancient Egyptian Housing Middle Class Homes Peasant Homes

10 Scenes of Ancient Egyptian Daily Life

11 Making Ancient Egyptian Beer

12 Making Ancient Egyptian Wine

13 An Egyptian Woman’s “Must-Haves” Perfume Whigs Mirror

14 Egyptian Social Hierarchy

15 Egyptian Nobility

16 Egyptian Priestly Class

17 Egyptian Scribe

18 Papyrus  Paper Papyrus Plant Hieratic Scroll Piece

19 Egyptian Math & Draftsmenship 110100100010,000100,0001,000,000 What number is this?

20 Champollion & the Rosetta Stone

21 Hieroglyphic “Cartouche”

22 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses: “The Sacred ‘Trinity’” Osiris Isis Horus

23 Preparations for the Underworld The Ba of Nefetari ANUBIS weighs the dead person’s heart against a feather.

24 Preparation for the Afterlife

25 Egyptian Mummies Seti I 1291-1278 B. C. E. Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep II 1210-1200 B. C. E. Ramses II 1279-1212 B. C. E.

26 Journey to the Underworld A boat for the journey is provided for a dead pharaoh in his tomb. The dead travel on the “Solar Bark.”

27 Egyptian Book of the Dead & Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

28 The Final Judgement: Test of the Heart and Feather The Final Judgement: Test of the Heart and Feather Anubis Horus Osiris

29 Shabtis: The Pharaoh’s Servants in the Afterlife

30 Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara by Djoser

31 “Bent” Pyramid of King Sneferu

32 Giza Pyramid Complex By Cheops, Khaffre, & Menaukre

33 Plan of the Great Pyramid of Khufu

34 The New Kingdom’s Agenda I (Amun) gave you valour and victory over all lands. I set your might, your fear in every country, The dread of you as far as heaven’s four supports. I magnified your awe in every body I made your person’s fame traverse the Nine Bows. (From Thutmose III’s Tomb)

35 Famous Egyptian Pharaohs Thutmose III 1504-1450 B. C. E. Ramses II 1279-1212 B. C. E. Tutankhamun 1336-1327 B. C. E. Hatshepsut 1479-1458 B. C. E. Akhenaton 1380-1362 BCE Akhenaton 1380-1362 BCE

36 The Valley of the Kings & the New Kingdom

37 The Valley of the Queens Temple of Queen Hatshepsut 1473-1458 B. C. E.

38 Relief of Hatshepsut’s Expedition to the Land of Punt

39 Ankhenaton: Another Monotheist? 1352-1336 B. C. E.

40 Queen Nefertiti

41 Archaeologist, Howard Carter (1922)

42 Entrance to King “Tut’s” Tomb

43 King Tutankhamon’s Death Mask 1336-1327 B. C. E.

44 King Tutankhamon

45 King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

46 Treasures From Tut’s Tomb

47 The Ankh – The “Cross” of Life

48 Abu Simbel: Monument to Ramses II 1279-1213 B. C. E.

49 Kadesh and Exodus

50 Who Are These Strange People?

51 Routes of the “Sea Peoples” The end of the Bronze Age!

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