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Anna, Caroline, Fin, Grace Anne, & Molly INDIAN CAPTIVE.

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1 Anna, Caroline, Fin, Grace Anne, & Molly INDIAN CAPTIVE

2 Acrostic poem In the first few pages of the book molly gets taken captive. Never again will molly see her family. Days after the book starts she gets captured. Indians capture many Americans. All men have to run the gauntlet before becoming an Indian. Neither Indian nor American. Cure sicknesses with plants. Always think things through. Pots are hard to make. Turkey feather is Molly’s best friend in the tribe. Inside trees, bears live sometimes. Very hard to adjust to American Indian life. Earth woman takes care of molly.

3 Description of Plot Line Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Exposition: In 1758 on the Jemison family farm some things were about to change. On the families farm in Pennsylvania, the Indians took over the captive and separated the family. Rising Action: Molly gets captured by the Indians and she has to change her way of living to fit in with the Indian’s Culture. Climax: She is getting used to the Indians and becoming one of them. She had to learn what jobs they had to do and to what to hunt.

4 Description of Plot Line 2 Falling Action: Molly is getting used to the Indians and she becomes part of there tribe. Also is befriending more captives. Resolution: Molly faces with a very hard choice, going back to her family OR stay with the Indian tribe.

5 Characters Molly: Molly (A.K.A Mary) starts off with her loving family in eastern Pennsylvania and is then whisked away on a journey to an Indian tribe. When she gets there she adjusts easily to their different ways. Her beautifully colored hair may not be enough to keep her out of a troubling life between Indians and her own kind. Turkey Feather: Turkey feather is one of the Indians in the tribe that Molly is sent to. Even with their differences in age, culture and more, they become good friends and he is one of many Indians that shows Molly the way. Earth Woman: Earth Woman is one of many Indians in the tribe. She helps Molly by teaching, showing and saying things that Mary will never forget. Parents: Molly’s parents lived with her on the farm. They raised her and taught her how to be a useful, loving daughter. When they were captured by the Indians, Mary and her parents were separated after that and she would sometimes recall memories she had with them and her other family members. Little Turtle: Little Turtle got his curious name by shooting rocks with turtles on them. The turtles would then fly up in the air and name the little Indian boy. He also played a part in Mary’s story. He was a friend and a guide. They start to become friends when Molly is in the forest and little turtle finds her. She cannot understand him at first, but she did trust him in a friendly way.

6 Historical Time Frame Why was this book chosen in our historical fiction book club? The book : Indian Captive was chosen in our Historical Fiction Book Club because in the book it talked about the Indians culture. The Seneca’s invaded the house and the made Molly a part of there tribe. They taught her about the tribe and made her change her ways to be an Indian.

7 Theme of Independence How does the theme of independence play a role in our book? It plays a role in our book because Molly the main character, has to keep on walking on the being. She can’t stop or she will be punished so she has to keep her self confidence up.

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